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Brilliant Beauty Activator Facial Cleansing Exfoliation Brush Review

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Brilliant Beauty Activator Facial Cleansing Exfoliation Brush is a very effective cleansing device made from medical-grade silicone. Its vibrating and oscillating head, coupled with its customizable settings, makes this an effective and efficient facial cleaning tool. The head is very soft and gentle enough to be very kind to the skin, but without sacrificing efficacy. It cleans and exfoliates dead skin cells, and helps clear clogged pores. Your favorite cleansers can either be applied directly to the brush head or to your face.


Step 1. Prep skin by rinsing with warm water.

Step 2. Set the beauty activator to your favorite setting.

Step 3. Apply cleanser directly onto the device or your skin. 

Step 4. Gently glide the Beauty Activator across your skin in even, circular motions for 1-2 minutes per side.

Step 5. Rinse your face thoroughly to wash away extra cleanser.

According to Brilliant Beauty,

A new beauty device to take your at-home skincare routine to the next level. The Brilliant Beauty Activator calls on its patented dual-motion technology to deeply cleanse and revitalize the skin. Not only can it refine the appearance of pores and reduce congestion, but its gentle stimulating action can sculpt and tone – revealing your naturally brilliant skin.


Deeply Cleanses: Purifies the skin with dual motion technology for double the cleaning power of other single-motion devices on the market. Removes makeup, dirt, and debris.

Gently Exfoliates: Revitalizes the skin by sweeping away dead cells and decongesting pores.

Promotes lifting and toning: Stimulates and massages the skin to tone and sculpt for a natural glow.

Adapts to you: Intelligently designed with 100 settings to personalize your skincare and enhance your daily routine.


  • Patented Dual Motion Technology: Unique sonic oscillation and rotation movements perform separately to create 100 customizable settings that exfoliate, promote circulation, and gently massage to clarify, tone and sculpt your skin.
  • Innovative Silicone Channel Design: Made from ultra-hygienic, nonporous, medical-grade silicone. Each silicone channel evenly distributes cleanser across skin to sweep away debris and purify skin more effectively than nylon bristles.
  • 3 Year Promise: Love it or send it back. 3 year guarantee gives you plenty of time to decide if the Beauty Activator is for you.

Overall Assessment: The Brilliant Beauty Activator Facial Cleansing Exfoliation Brush is so gentle and effective that I have been using it every single morning. I am quite impressed by how clean it leaves my skin.

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  1. Oh I love gadgets. This would be excellent to use!


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