Friday, September 30, 2022

Beauty Empties for September 2022

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I had a suspicion that I wasn't going to finish up nearly as many products in September as I had in August, and the glaring absence of skincare products accounts for this disparity. I finished soaps, body washes, haircare products and an eyeliner pencil– amounting to 6 full-size products. While this isn't too bad, I am always happier when I finish up more skincare products before they expire. Here is what I finished in September:

Spongellé Hand and Body Washes are extraordinary additions to Spongellé's collection. Spongellé, a Los Angeles based company, creates beautiful products that delight the senses and the skin, and they make wonderful gifts. Bulgarian Rose is absolutely gorgeous scents and they clean the skin without any stripping or drying. In fact, these beautifully aromatic Hand and Body Washes leave skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Notes: Top: Orange, Clove, Strawberry. Middle: Rose, White Flowers, Jasmine. Base: Woody, Sandalwood, Ambery. Purchase Again? Forever and ever! I just opened another bottle! ($22.00 each for 11 oz. from Spongellé).

Spongellé Riviera Collection Body Buffers are brilliant body wash-infused sponges effectively and gently clean and exfoliate the skin, and they also leave the it deliciously baby soft, smooth, supple and moisturized. They really excel in their ability to clean and exfoliate the skin while delighting the senses with their delightful aromas. Spongellé Riviera Collection Body Buffer in Sicilian Blood Orange NotesTop: Blood Orange, Starfruit, Gerandine. Middle: Passionfruit, Mango Water, Dahlia Flower. Base: Sandalwood, Aquatic Musk. Purchase Again? I already opened another one (in another scent). ($18.00 each from Spongellé).

Potager Soap Co. Unscented Oatmeal Soap is a wondrous unscented oatmeal soap is perfect for people with sensitive skin who need a soothing bar to nourish and pamper their skin. The rich and creamy lather is very moisturizing, and satisfying to use. Purchase Again? I have already opened up another one of their amazing soaps! ($9.98 for 4.5 oz. from Potager Soap Co.). 

René Furterer Triphasic Texturizing Conditioner  This is a lightweight, and yet very hydrating, conditioner that makes hair manageable, frizz-free and makes hair look thicker, healthier and more shiny. It is formulated to stimulate hair follicles, and I noticed an immediate difference in the way my hair looked and felt when I was using this. Purchase Again? Definitely, if I ever need it in the future. ($12.00-$34.00 for 1 oz. to 5 oz. from René FurtererDermstoreLovelySkin and SkinStore).

Derma E Bonding Hair Repair Oil is an ultra-lightweight oil that not only nourishes and hydrates hair and scalp, but it also effectively fights frizz and fly-aways while leaving hair ridiculously soft, smooth and shiny. It has a wonderful light fruity aroma that is informed by its natural ingredients, rather than an artificial fragrance, and while I find the scent delightful, it is not long lasting. Purchase Again? I have other hair oils that I am using currently, but I will definitely buy this in the future. ($12.95 for 1 oz. from Derma E and Ulta). 
Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils are really spectacular.
One of the first things that I noticed about this wonderful formula, when I started buying these pencils years ago, was the extent to which they are so creamy to the touch and easy to blend. Barbarella Brown, shown above, is a deep and blackened brown without red undertones. 
It glides across the skin without any tugging or pulling, and it deposits color evenly and effortlessly. It allows you to create a very clean crisp line, but gives you enough time before setting to make a smoky smudged line as well. Once it does set, it is completely waterproof and lasts on me all day long, and without a primer. I do not experience any transfer, smudging or fading, but I do not have very oily eyelids, and your wear-time may vary if you do. Purchase Again? Absolutely! 

($29.00 from NordstromBeautylishSephoraBloomingdale'sSelfridgesCult Beauty).

Overall Assessment: 6 full-size products isn't too bad, but hopefully I can finish some of those almost empty skincare products in October. What did you finish ,toss, give away or return in September? Any spectacularly good or bad products to report?

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  1. It's so great that you loved all of these so much that you'd buy them again.

  2. Spongelle hand and body wash looks so beautiful and its scent sounds awesome! And the Potager oatmeal soap: no wonder you're using another one. I am definitely getting a Derma E bonding hair repair oil. I need it after my hair was damaged by another product I tried and I love Derma E products. Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl liquid eye pencil is calling to me, too, but I wonder if it's safe for sensitive eyes. One of the things I finished in September was Physicians Formula Eye Booster Liquid Eyeliner. I've gotten it for years because it helps my lashes to grow and it's safe for sensitive eyes. This was a great post! Thanks - Angie,

    1. Hi Angie! Spongelle is just incredible, and I truly delight in using their products! The Potager Soap Co. soaps are such a treat to use, and this is probably the 4th bar that I have used, so far. The Derma E Bonding Oil really works so well, and it is affordable, I trust their products and use them on a daily basis! I actually have sensitive eyes as well, and I have never had a problem with Charlotte Tilbury's Rock 'N' Kohl Liquid Eye Pencils, I have used up many of them and keep repurchasing them. They don't ever burn, sting or make my eyes water. Therefore, you might want to give them a try to see what you think! I am so glad that you enjoyed the post, Angie! You should consider joining me and Allison and doing your own empties posts! They are pretty cathartic to do!

  3. I have to try the Bulgarian Rose Spongelle Hand and Body Wash! This month, I just finished up the Peony Pear or something like that. It was lovely too. You are reminding me that I have to finish up my Derma E Bonding Oil - it is such a great and affordable alternative to Olaplex Bonding Oil

    1. The Bulgarian Rose is DIVINE, Allison! It is actually my favorite of their scents. The Derma E Bonding Oil is definitely an effective and affordable alternative to the Olaplex Bonding Oil!


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