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Sisi Spray n' Style Hair Brush Review

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Sisi Spray n' Style Hair Brush is a recent discovery that has all but kicked my other brushes to the curb. This brush, which boasts a combination of boar bristles and nylon pins, feels so gentle and comfortable against the scalp that it has made me really love brushing my hair. It detangles without pulling, and it has a built-in spray bottle that makes it very convenient to spray my detangler into my hair before brushing it.

Sisi Spray N’ Style was created by Jessica Urzua, and it was inspired by her daughter’s, "sensory needs and a popular comb and spray combination from the ‘80s" and Jessica "added the modern needs of women today to create her own unique design." It includes a funnel and three refillable bottles for any of your spray products, and it is really easy to use.

According to Sisi Spray n' Style, 

It all began with the classic tale of a mom trying to comb through her daughter's knotty hair! One day while chasing her daughter around the house with a brush in one hand, while simultaneously searching for detangle spray, she thought to herself...why isn't there a detangle brush on the market that's convenient for everyone to use? If the product was directly inside the brush handle wouldn't it make things a little easier?

Introducing the first detangling hairbrush with an interchangeable spray handle. Simply fill a spray bottle with your hair product of choice and slide directly inside the brush handle! It's great for everyday use and convenient for travel. The Sisi Spray N' Style is excellent for adults and children and works on all hair types. It can be used on wet or dry hair with any hair product. It's mixed massaging bristle design, tackles knots with ease, without pulling your hair. Take your Sisi Brush to the gym or the beach, and say goodbye to the days where brushing your child's hair was a nightmare!


💜 COMES WITH THREE REUSABLE AND INTERCHANGABLE SPRAY BOTTLES: Can be filled with any hair product. Bottles easily slide into brush handle. All in one design to make getting ready faster and easier.

💜 EXCELLENT FOR EVERYDAY USE OR FOR TRAVEL: Perfect for the person on the go- use it everyday and take it anywhere.

💜 DETANGLES AND SMOOTHS HAIR: Mixed massaging bristles- this curved design, which consists of boar hair bristles and nylon pins, contours to your head and gently massages your scalp. It distributes oils evenly and helps to stimulate hair follicles which encourages hair growth.

💜 FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Men, women, and children with all different hair types, enjoy the convenience and gentle design of this brush. It works on straight, curly, thick, or thin hair.

💜 FOR USE ON WET OR DRY HAIR: The vented brush head design makes blow drying your hair faster, whether you brush wet or dry the Sisi Spray N' Style glides through knots with ease.

Overall Assessment: This brush is just so good that I often use it to just massage my scalp! A+

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  1. You constantly amaze me with all the new and wonderful products there are. I would never have known! Well, here I go buying another must have. Lol! I'm looking forward to it and will definitely get one for my five-year-old granddaughter who has long hair and runs like the wind. Thanks! - Angie,

    1. That is so kind of you to say, Angie! I really try to learn about, and test, interesting products, and I am glad that you enjoy my coverage of them! This brush is so clever, and I just love using it. Plus it feels so good against the scalp! I highly recommend it, and I bet they your granddaughter would like it too! The built-in spray bottle is so convenient and fun to use!

  2. Wow, what an innovative brush concept to have a spray bottle built in to the brush!

    1. It really is such an innovative, and clever, brush!

  3. I really could use this with my broken arm since my husband hates putting styling products on my hair. Seems like a great brush. Marcia

    1. This would definitely offer a streamlined way to brush and put products in your hair! I hope that your broken arm heals soon, Marcia!


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