Friday, June 3, 2022

Sunflowers and Corn in Lola's Secret Garden

One might reasonably assume that I planted sunflowers and corn in my backyard, but I did not. These beautiful and flourishing plants have been planted by a messy team of bird and squirrel gardeners who tirelessly work in the garden.
I have numerous bird feeders in my garden, and because the birds and squirrels flick the seeds to the ground, a whole host of seedlings have germinated.
This is the first time, in all of the years that I have feed them, that I have sunflowers and corn growing, and I am utterly delighted.


  1. Wow, you're growing corn! And it's doing so well already! The sunflowers you're growing are my favorites. I don't like the ones with great big eyes in the center. These are lovely!

    1. Can you believe that these are all a result of messy birds and squirrels throwing seed on the ground?!


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