Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Beauty Spotlight Team Welcomes Springtime

Allison from Never Say Die Beauty shares with you tips on how to choose the right chemical exfoliator for your skin type. Different skin types benefit from different ingredients!

Marcia, also part of Never Say Die Beauty is excited about the spring colors that Skone Cosmetics has in their collection. Great prices, beautiful shades and helping winter go away!

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog loves GOOD FAITH Gentle Cleanser + Vitamin E, which is a lightly lathering gel, because it is gentle, effective, non-stripping, and hydrating.

Angie at Your True Self Blog takes a look at how to really enjoy the transition to spring with layers, colors, a spring outfit formula and outfit ideas!

Did you know there is more to Botox injections than minimizing fine lines and wrinkles? Award-winning beauty blogger, Barbie Ritzman, is sharing her top 10 facts about Botox you probably didn’t know.

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