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VISEART Petit Pro Paris Étoile Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

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As you know, I recently purchased the VISEART Petit Pro Paris Étoile Eyeshadow Palette without reading reviews, and without seeing anything beyond seeing their stock swatches. Given that I love cool-toned palettes for my cool-toned skin, and purple is  my favorite color– I knew that I had to have this palette.

Compared to my other VISEART palettes, as you can see below, Petit Pro Paris Étoile is considerably smaller both in the size of the palette itself and the individual shadows. Each of the shadows is beautifully pigmented, and they offer buildable coverage for a deeper and richer effect. They glide across the skin with ease and deposit color effortlessly. The shadows are silky smooth to the touch, but the matte shades are a touch drier. That said, all of the shades perform beautifully. My swatches below were created in two-passes for context, and they were taken in direct morning sunlight.

According to VISEART,

Descend into our wintery wonderland of smokey splendour with our new Petit Pro ‘Paris Étoile’. Inspired by the nocturnal glamour of Paris after hours when deep shadows and soft luminosity embrace, our newest member of the Petit Pro collection is a femme fatale of deliciously deep smokey mattes and luminous, opalescent shimmers. Like a seductive chanteuse born of late-night Parisian jazz clubs, Petit Pro Paris Étoile is a melodic composition of 8 smokey pans which form a lyrical chanson full of depth and allure. Paris Étoile celebrates the eternal beauty of a Parisian smokey eye and contains decadently vampish swirls of blackberry, granite, and inky hues in opulently creamy matte and seductively shimmering sparkle finishes. 

Petit Pro Paris Ètoile shines like the brightest star in the firmament - a constellation of smokey cool midnight mattes and cosmically lustrous shimmers. Our pans are designed to meet the demands of Professional Artists’ needs with optimum saturation and a fabulous and true color payoff that can be built and blended effortlessly. The true beauty of Paris Étoile is revealed when applied - no muddying, no patchiness, just caresses of true to color luxurious perfection!

This variety of VISEART palettes demonstrates the differences in size

Shade Descriptions (4 mattes, 4 shimmers):

Shade 1: Fontaine- Pink champagne with a shimmer finish.

Shade 2: Vavin- Light beige with a matte finish.

Shade 3: Raspail- Bitter charcoal grey with a matte finish.

Shade 4: Fleurus- Midtone eggplant purple with a shimmer finish.

Shade 5: Montmartre- Steel French blue with a matte finish.

Shade 6: Choisy- Smoked blackberry with a matte finish.

Shade 7: Montparnasse- Crystalline lilac with a metallic shimmer finish.   

Shade 8: Mouffetard- Deep metallic grey with a crystalline metallic finish.

The palette is a sturdy eco-friendly cardboard

Cruelty-free. Free of parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oil, and gluten
My swatches (two passes and in direct sunlight)

VISEART swatches above and below

Overall Assessment: For me, the purples alone were worth the price of admission! This is a really stunning cool-toned palette, and I am delighted by the gorgeous shades!

$30.00 for 0.28 oz. from VISEART ParisBeautylish and Camera Ready Cosmetics (Affiliate Links). Purchased and Awaiting! All opinions expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved.


  1. For me, it is Raspail and Mouffetard in particular, but Fleurus and Montparnasse would be lovely too. And I would use Montmartre as an eyeliner. Next sale, I'm there for this one!

    1. Those two shades are stunning, and I am really enjoying using them. This is definitely a palette that you would reach for! I want to pick up the Lilas palette that you reviewed a while ago! I just love the quality of their shadows, and they always create such interesting color stories in their palettes!

  2. Mine just came in the mail - really it JUST came. I opened it as I was reading your article. I'm very excited about this. The price is terrific for 8 beautiful colors with the Viseart formula. Great swatches, great buy!

    1. I can't wait to see your review, and to hear what you think about this stunning palette! It really is a great buy!

  3. I love your Viseart collection! Not sure I need this palette for mine as I prefer warm and neutral toned makeup, but it's a lovely color story!

    1. Thanks, Anastasia! I actually have one more of the Theory palettes that I didn't include in the photo above since I was only selecting other palettes for a sense of scale, I love the quality of their shadows so much! Since you prefer warmer palettes, this one definitely isn't what you tend to look for, but the color story really is spectacular, and it is the perfect cool-toned palette!

  4. I agree with you! Those purple ones are gorgeous. I’m all for matte finish 🙌🏼


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