Tuesday, March 30, 2021

La Parea Ocean Breeze Herbal Bath Salt Soak With Calendula Petals

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I absolutely love taking a nice hot bath after a long hard day at work, and bath salts and bubble baths are my favorite ways to unwind. 

La Parea Ocean Breeze Herbal Bath Salt Soak with Calendula Petals is a wonderful aromatherapy treat for the body and the senses. Not only does it soothe the soul, but it also leaves skin hydrated without leaving an oily and slippery mess in your bath tub. 

N.B.: You can even use their tea bags on your closed eyes while you soak in their bath salts, you can place one in your tub, or you can have a lovely cup of tea!

About La Parea,

La Parea Wellness is the creation of Samanta Moise a mother of four, award-winning children’s book author, and nurse on a mission to create natural, clean wellness products. Born and raised in Ecuador, Moise combines ancestral ingredients and traditions into soothing solutions for showing your body the love

According to La Parea,

Bring the calming scents of a day on the beach right into your home. Made with all natural Himalayan pink salt, Celtic sea salt, magnesium flakes, Epsom salt, and essential oils these salts with put your mind and body at ease. NO MESSY CLEAN UP! Our bath salts come with dried flower petals inside tea bags that can be added directly into your tub. All of the benefits without the hassle of cleaning up after. Don't have a tub, our salts can be used for feet and hand soaks also.

Directions: Simply fill up a bucket with warm water and throw in your desired amount of salts. We use 100% organic dried flowers in all of our teabags so they can also be added to a cup of tea or placed over your eyelids for a true spa experience.

Overall Assessment: I am so happy with La Parea Ocean Breeze Herbal Bath Salt Soak With Calendula Petals that I can hardly wait to try more of their products!

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  1. The Ocean Breeze Herbal Bath Salt Soak sounds divine. I wish my bathtub were more usable for soaking. I would love this. It's great that they have sachets so that clean up is a breeze!

    1. It's absolutely delectable! The scent just puts a big smile on my face! I wish that your bath was more usable for soaking!

  2. What a pretty addition too for a vanity.

    1. It is quite attractive, but I doubt that it will be around long enough to have much of a life on my vanity!

  3. I love the sound of "no cleanup"! That's my biggest issue with bath soaks.

    1. You and me both! I hate having to clean a slippery/oily tub after a soak! It is one of my biggest issues with so many bath soaks as well (and oily body scrubs too).


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