Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Beauty Spotlight Team The Weekend Before Christmas Edition

KBShimmer has 4 new polishes she added to her Love At Frost Sight winter collection. They are all shifty multichromes and are gorgeous! Kristi over on BeginNails has swatches of them all.

If you love masking and beauty gadgets, then Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog thinks that you will absolutely love the FOREO UFO 2! It might just be the perfect holiday gift for yourself!

Are you team sponge? I Know all the Words is, and in the attempt of finding the perfect budget-friendly blending sponge delves into the Colourpop The Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit.

Still wondering what gifts to give or ask for? Beauty Info Zone has the answer in this latest gift guide. You’re sure to find things you love.

Dry winter skin? Looking to arm your skin against lines and wrinkles? Never Say Die Beauty recommends new Margari Skincare Liquid Youth, a hydrating, anti-aging mist that moisturizes, plumps, and makes skin look and feel like it has drunk from the Fountain of Youth!

Even with the craziness of the holiday season, Stacie of The Makeup Obsessed Mom blog has been taking time to read Jenna Jaxon’s latest historical romance novel. See more about it along with a great giveaway prize package over on her blog.

Skincare is very important especially in the winter. Prime Beauty has a set that makes your skin wonderful and has a scarf to keep your look beautiful too. Check out the Suki Dewy Skin Trio.

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