Wednesday, December 23, 2020

HOURGLASS Nº 9 Domed Shadow Brush Review

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HOURGLASS Nº 9 Domed Shadow Brush is the last of my recent makeup brush purchases, and it does not disappoint! Nº 9 Domed Shadow Brush is a very densely packed dome shaped brush with soft Taklon bristles, and they are so soft against the skin. The small brush is built for precision, and it picks up and deposits powder, liquid and cream shadows effortlessly. The domed-shaped head ensures the effortless application of eyeshadows, and the perfectly weighted metal handle is very comfortable in the hand. I have washed this brush three times already, and it hasn't shed a single bristle. 
According to HOURGLASS,

The Hourglass Nº 9 Domed Shadow brush is densely packed, with domed bristles to create eye definition with ease of control.
• Features PETA-approved, high-grade, ultra-soft Taklon bristles. 
• Taklon is a more hygienic alternative to animal hair and an excellent alternative for those who suffer from animal hair allergies.
• Weighted metal handles provide control for effortless blending and application.
• May be used to apply liquid, cream or powder products.
• Vegan and cruelty-free.
All HOURGLASS products are 100% cruelty-free
The domed-shaped head of bristles ensures the effortless application of eyeshadows.
Overall Assessment: This is such a good brush, and I am so happy that I bought it! 

$36.00 from HOURGLASS, Sephora, Nordstrom Bluemercury, Beautylish, Space NKUlta and Harvey Nichols (Affiliate Links).
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  1. I am so impressed by the Hourglass makeup brushes. You have convinced me that I need to try them!

    1. I suspect that you will fall madly in love with them, Alison! They are incredible quality, a nd they are such a pleasure to use!

  2. You've made me jealous all week. I love brushes and would love to have these. They look so luxurious. You've done a good job buying the ones you have.

    1. These are definitely brushes worth purchasing– especially when Sophia or Ulta have a sale, or when you have a Nordstrom Note! I am already plotting my next one because I have decided that I really "need" the HOURGLASS No. 13 Precision Smudge Brush!

  3. This reminds me a lot of the Real Techniques Crease Brush they have. From the looks and sound of this one, it is actually better. I kind of want to get it to compare them LOL

    1. Now you have me curious too, Cassie! I wonder how they compare.


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