Thursday, October 22, 2020

MUJJO iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case in Monaco Blue

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As you may remember from my last Mujjo iPhone Case (Reviewed HERE), I am a big fan of their products. While I haven't yet purchased, or leased, my iPhone 12 Pro Max, I do have Mujjo's gorgeous new iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case in Monaco Blue. It is full-grain leather, and very durable, and yet it has an elegant and slim profile. Unlike my previous Mujjo case, which has a credit card pocket on the back, this one does not. However, you can certainly get one with the credit card pocket, if you prefer.

According to Mujjo,

We like to keep things simple, the slim profile is fully wrapped with our acclaimed full-grain leather – co-developed to create durable finishes that get more beautiful with wear – to offer protection from everyday knocks and bumps while adding a warmer and ‘grippier’ feel.

The cases exude immaculate craftsmanship, delivered through the high quality of the full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, which looks terrific when you first start using the case – and even better over time when it’s had a chance to patina. The color becomes richer and the character comes through as you use it and abuse it – every stain, every scratch makes it yours, and unique to you.

Holding true to our design ethos of creating beautifully simple and slender designs elevated by premium materials, we’ve crafted a new selection of cases for the iPhone 12 range. We've continuously made our cases live up to our legacy of high-quality craftsmanship and they've been consistently ranked as the best out there. And these cases are no exception.

After some delay, the new iPhone 12 line-up is finally coming, and with a new design too! Which means our new range of cases have been updated to match the flat, angular (and pretty smart) edges - the curves still assert themselves in the corners but they’re subtle this time round - and they look great. In fact, the new contours complement our well-known clean designs and work particularly well with the sharp stitching lines found on our wallet cases.

Defining features:

● Made with high quality full-grain vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully, acquiring a unique patina truly personal to your character.

● Lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber with a sophisticated satin-like finish.

● Available with a leather card pocket designed to hold 2 to 3 bank, ID or commuter cards.

● Subtly curving leather perfectly chamfers the camera opening and mute button.

● Volume and power buttons are fully covered in leather, specifically designed for responsiveness.

● The leather bezel rises 1mm above the edge of the screen to protect it from abrasive surfaces.

● Fully wrapped with premium quality leather to create a super-slim profile following the contours of the device.

Available in 4 Colors:

Low-key Black: our classic solid black tone brings uniformity and makes a powerful statement.

Signature Tan: this vivid caramel brings the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness (and mellows to a deep and dark amber over time).

Monaco Blue (Shown): a deep shade of blue which reveals hints of purple and green under different lighting, creating a sophisticated tone that underscores the craftsmanship of Mujjo.

Slate Green: this beautifully desaturated green blends a graphite-like appearance with both cooler forest greens and warmer khaki tones.

Compatible with iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, the cases start at US$44.90, ranging up to US$54.90 and EUR €44.90 ranging up to EUR €54,90 (incl. VAT for European customers).
Overall Assessment: This is such a gorgeous iPhone case, and the uncompromising quality and stunning craftsmanship makes this a perfect gift for yourself, or someone on your holiday gift list.

The cases start at US $44.90, ranging up to US $54.90 and EUR €44.90 ranging up to EUR €54,90 (incl. VAT for European customers) from Mujjo (Unaffiliated Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved.


  1. That is one gorgeous phone case!

    1. It really is a gorgeous case! I absolutely love their products!

  2. I'd want the same blue you have. This looks like it will be perfect if I can get the new phone.

    1. The blue is absolute perfection! I knew that was the one for me the moment I saw it!

  3. That is a gorgeous iPhone case, and I love the navy blue hue. I would love to get the new iPhone 12 MAX Pro, but I need a new desktop first unfortunately

    1. It really is gorgeous, and even lovelier in person! I still haven't gotten the 12 Pro Max yet, but am looking forward to it! A desktop is certainly a priority for you, no question!

  4. Wow, that case is really beautiful. I absolutely love the color. I wonder if PopSockets stick to it. I can't go without them lol

    1. It really is, Kristina! The quality of their products is very high, and they are quite luxurious. I don't use PopSockets on my phone, but PopSockets says that they sometimes have trouble sticking to leather cases. Therefore, since this is leather it might not work that well.

  5. Such a beautiful case! I love the minimalist design and the leather makes it look even more luxurious.

    1. It really is, and I love the minimalist design as well! The quality of th leather and the thoughtful design elements are quite luxurious!


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