Sunday, October 11, 2020

A Sunday Morning Reflection

This morning I woke up and decided to walk in the backyard before I started working, and I was very struck by how many of the plants are thriving, and therefore I wanted to share a few pictures with you.
My Calla Lilies are huge and their leaves are among the biggest that I have ever seen. I recently fertilized them and the colossal shiny leaves are as breathtaking as the flowers themselves.
This unusual flower is from one of my many succulents, and I had no idea that this particular variety could bloom.
This is one of my favorite succulents, and its deep burgundy leaves are sublime.
I actually grew this Cat Mint from seed as a treat for our feline companions. I planted them and forgot about them, and since the pack of seeds was expired I had little hope that the plants would sprout. Instead, however, the Cat Mint is huge and flourishing, and to the delight of our kitties it tastes quite good as well! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo


  1. Plant posts are among my favorites! I am starting to appreciate succulents more, and your deep burgundy flower is breathtaking! The other succulent flower is like nothing I have ever seen. Brava on growing cat mint from seed 🎉

    1. Plant posts and recipe posts are really my favorites these days! Isn't that one flowering succulent interesting looking?! I couldn't believe that I was able to grow Cat Mint from seed! The packet was expired, and I figured nothing would happen, but was I ever wrong! It has turned into a HUGE thriving plant!

  2. Beautiful yard and photos. I don't have a green thumb so plants turn away from me when I walk by them but I'd love to be able to grow these lovelies.

    1. Actually, if you start out with succulents in pots, you will find that they are very forgiving! Plus they are really easy to propagate!


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