Thursday, August 13, 2020

Save My Face Satin Pillows

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Save My Face makes really comfy pillows that were created to suspend your "face while you are stomach or side sleeping" and in an effort to "reduce facial compression which can cause wrinkling and premature aging." Additionally, the company claims that it "opens nasal passages for improved breathing."

Their pillows are so comfortable against the face not just because the satin feels heavenly, but also because it gives your head excellent support without being too firm. Sometimes when I have a restless night of sleep I find that I toss and turn, and as a result there have been times that I wake up with pillow lines on my face. I recently had a couple of sleepless nights (hello pandemic and too many hours of work related Zoom meetings), and I can say definitively that I woke up without any pillow-induced lines. More than anything, I find these pillows incredibly comfortable and comforting, and use the large one every night without fail. I think that the smaller one will go into my travel bag, which is currently collecting dust, but once it is safe to travel I will enjoy using it!

Save My Face also sent me a scrunchy, which is made out of the same satin as their pillows, and it is wonderful! It secures hair without any pulling or tugging, and it's cute!

About Save My Face,

Since 1999, Save My Face!® pillows have been recommended by skincare professionals worldwide for use in tandem with their beauty and health regimens, which for example, promote healing after facial surgeries. With over 20 years of experience, Save My Face!® has unparalleled expertise at designing medical and post-op pillows with doctors and patients in mind.

Linda May-Randell, Inventor of the Original Save My Face!® Anti-wrinkle Pillow, said 'Yes, we could make masks, but let’s do what we’re experts at—saving faces when the mask is off!' The pillows elevate and suspend your face over the sleep surface removing harmful pressure on facial tissues and muscles. This is the perfect end-of-day remedy for our brave healthcare workers on the frontlines wearing ill-fitting masks that are chafing their faces.

'Our niche is now a necessity and we are in a unique position to help our brave heroes that are fighting COVID-19. We are truly inspired by all the brands out there who reacted so quickly to step in and help during this crisis. It really gives us hope to see everyone come together to rise above the challenging times.'
Le Grand Pillow in Satin Dusty Rose Color ($72.00-$75.00 from Save My Face and the Official Save My Face Amazon Store): According to Save My Face, "Le Grand pillow satin dusty rose. Just so beautiful everyone says, 'Oooh!' Pillow body wrapped in 100% cotton outer shell and synthetic hypoallergenic filling that can be machine washed and dried. It has a custom removable satin case with a YKK invisible zipper." Measures 22" x 15" x 4" Thick
La Petite Pillow - Satin Dusty Rose Case ($47.00 from Save My Face and the Official Save My Face Amazon Store): According to Save My Face, "La Petite Satin Dusty Rose Pillow is our most popular Save My Face Pillow! It measures 20" x 10" x 3" thick and can be folded in half for neck support. Included is the 100% cotton pillow body, a custom satin removable case and a reusable clear vinyl travel bag! The pillow body and case are easy care machine wash and dry! Made in the USA at our factory."
Soft Satin Hair Scrunchy! ($10.00 each from Save My Face): According to Save My Face, "Day or night--make it right! keep your hair where you want it. Made with the same care and fabric as our Save My Face! pillows. 100% satin soft hair scrunchy."

Overall Assessment: These pillows are excellent quality, and definitely worthy of your consideration.

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  1. What a unique pillow shape! I just invested in a silk pillowcase and new pillow for my neck since it was bothering me!

  2. I'm sure hair is better in the morning with this pillow. What a great shape.

    1. It really is! To make it even better, I have been sleeping with their scrunchy on the top of my head and my curly hair doesn't become a tangled mess when I sleep!

  3. I have a satin pillowcase that I love, but I have never seen pillows shaped like these two. As a stomach and side sleeper, I need to look into Save My Face!

    1. Satin pillows feel amazing! The unique shape is very comfy to sleep on! I think that you would like this pillow!

  4. Replies
    1. I think that you would really like it, Kath! It is so comfortable to sleep on!

  5. Love this pillow shape! I had a butterfly-shaped pillow for a few years and it definitely helps with neck pain, although I don't use it every day.

    1. I do too, and it is so comfy to sleep on! I have never heard of a butterfly shaped pillow, but I am so happy to hear that it helped with your neck pain!


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