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CHI ESSENTIALS Professional Hair Color At-Home Kit

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With the closure of hair salons, due to the pandemic, people have taken to trimming their own hair and coloring their tresses at home. I haven't been to a hair salon since before the pandemic struck, and I am among the people who have been trimming my own hair, and I am just about in need of hair color. Therefore, the CHI ESSENTIALS Professional Hair Color, made by Farouk Systems for Avon, has entered my life just in time. I have natural dark brown hair, with red undertones, and each summer the sun significantly lightens my hair. Therefore, toward the end of summer I like to color my hair so that it is back to its natural dark brown shade. Thus, I will be coloring my hair in a little over a month, and can't wait to try one!
About CHI ESSENTIALS Professional Hair Care:

Ammonia-free and gluten-free — get salon color (without the salon!). Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color blends professional formulas with aloe, silk, olive oil and other natural ingredients to give you vibrant color, guaranteed gray coverage and radiant shine. Paraben-free, PABA-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free. Just the good stuff for gorgeous, healthy hair! Not to mention, everyone will be envious of your luscious locks. Made in USA.

Everything you need:
• Bottle of color, 2 fl. oz.
• Developer, 2.5 fl. oz.
• CHI Essential Shampoo, 1 fl. oz.
• CHI Essential Serum, .5 fl. oz.
• Pair of gloves
• Shower cap
• Instructions

• Luxurious, rich color provides 100% gray coverage
• Has a non-drippy, liquid-gel formula for easy application
• Comes with a TSA-friendly shampoo, conditioner and serum
• Paraben-free, PABA-free and phthalate-free (just the good stuff for gorgeous, healthy hair!)
• Ammonia-free, gluten-free

Key Ingredients
• Aloe - with vitamins and essential nutrients to help nourish every strand
• Silk – a natural protein that helps strengthen hair
• Olive oil - infuses hair with replenishing moisture

Step 1: Prepare
• Before coloring your hair, put on gloves. Unscrew and remove the applicator cap from the application bottle #1 and pour entire contents of bottle #2 into the application bottle #1. Place the applicator cap back on the application bottle #1 and remove the applicator cap cover. Hold the applicator cap tip with gloved finger and shake to mix the color; point away from the face when shaking. After mixing the color completely, you are ready to apply your hair color. Do not reseal applicator cap cover after adding color.

Step 2: Full Head Application
Follow if (1) You are coloring your hair for the first time. (2) Your previous hair color has washed out or faded with no demarcation lines or you have not colored your hair in more than 3 months. (3) You are going darker than your current color.
• Wear enclosed gloves.
• Use the color mixture on unwashed dry hair.
• Part hair into 4 even sections.
• Using the applicator tip, apply the color mixture to the root area until fully saturated.
• After the root area is fully covered, apply leftover color mixture to the sections. Massage from roots to ends until hair is fully saturated and the color is evenly distributed.
• Gather hair loosely on top of your head. Cover with enclosed cap.
• Leave color on the hair 30 minutes or 45 minutes for resistant gray.

Touch Up Your Roots
Follow if (1) Your hair has been colored and the regrowth is visible. (2) The ends of your hair are darker or in damaged condition.
• Wear enclosed gloves.
• Use the color mixture on unwashed dry hair.
• Part hair into 4 even sections.
• Using the applicator tip, apply the color mixture to the root area until fully saturated. Massage in with fingertips.
• Use only about 2/3 of the color mixture on the root area.
• Leave color on root area for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes, apply leftover color to the remaining hair and work through with your fingertips.
• Massage into hair, making sure the hair is completely saturated.
• Gather hair loosely on top of your head. Cover with enclosed cap.
• Process 5 minutes for porous/damaged, dry hair, 10 minutes for healthy hair.

Step 3: Rinsing and After Care
• At the end of the processing time, with gloves on, apply warm water to the hair, work into a lather, and rinse until the water runs clear.
• Use Avon CHI Essentials Replenishing Shampoo for color-treated hair, rinse
• Apply pH-balanced Avon CHI Essentials Moisturizing Conditioner to replenish moisture to color-treated hair. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse.
• Towel blot your hair. Apply Avon CHI Essentials Repairing Serum and use a large-tooth comb to detangle.
Professional CHI advice is a call away! A team of professional stylists are ready to answer all of your questions - they'll help you unbox your color kit and guide you through the process of coloring your hair. Farouk Systems Professional Technical Advice Line: 1-800-237-9175 (English and Spanish)
Overall Assessment: This is just what my sun-bleached hair needed!

$32.00 from Avon (Affiliate Links).
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  1. I had no idea that Chi had hair color kits. Way to partner up Avon and Chi!!

  2. You are so lucky that you only have to color occasionally. I have over 2 inches of roots right now and just don't want to be going to a beauty salon. I hope this works.

    1. My biggest issue is that by the end of the summer my hair lightens up considerably! I hope that this is my new fave hair color!

  3. Finally able to visit my hairstylist a week ago. My DIY hair was a fail

  4. Very interesting! I didn’t know the CHI sold hair color kits! It sounds similar to the one I used, but it includes and recommends washing the hair with color safe shampoo after color which is different from the kit I tried that didn’t want me to shampoo. I like this better 👍🏻

    1. I didn't know either! I noticed that as well, and am really curious to see how well that works!

  5. I feel like 2020 is just messing with my head now. Chi, the hair care brand, is now making products for AVON?! I'm going to be honest and say that I did not have that on my Bingo card. That all being said, the products sound amazing and I would love to try some of them.

    1. YES!!!!!! Mine either, but what a great partnership for both parties!

  6. CHI is such a great brand and a partnership with Avon sounds amazing!

    1. It is a great brand, and this is definitely a great partnership!


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