Friday, June 26, 2020

June Empties 2020

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I managed to finish up a fairly good size pile of products in June, and I attribute it to working from home during the pandemic. While I am working very long hours each day, the lack of a commute means that I have more time to use skincare products. Here is what I finished up this month:
RITUALS Fortune Oil Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood ($15.00 for 200 ml. from Rituals): RITUALS Fortune Oil Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood from the Laughing Buddha Collection is a wonderfully moisturizing shower oil for the body that functions in precisely the same way as the many facial cleansing oils that have recently flooded the market.

You simply apply a small amount of Fortune Oil Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood to your skin and as soon as it has contact with water it emulsifies and turns from an oil consistency to a thin milky emulsion that effectively cleans the skin, and leaves it delectably soft smooth and moisturized. The scent is a warm amalgam of Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood, and it is neither too sweet, nor too woodsy. While the scent is lovely it does not linger since it is, for the most part, washed away. However, RITUALS does have a full range of products from the Laughing Buddha Collection that will allow you to luxuriate in the beautiful scent. Repurchase? I would, but this scent appears to have been discontinued. I have a backup bottle and a couple other scents.

Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Body Wash ($12.99 for 13 oz. from Nubian HeritageiHerbThe Vitamin Shoppe and Swanson Vitamins): I have to preface this by stating that I am thoroughly obsessed with this body wash. There is something about the aroma– which has a deep, rich and creamy scent informed by the honey, black seed oil and honeysuckle– that is utterly intoxicating. It forms a rich and non-stripping lather that leaves the skin soft, smooth and hydrated, and it does so without leaving behind an oily residue. Repurchase? Absolutely!
Salt By Hendrix Body Scrub Lavender + Petigrain ($35.00-$39.00 from Salt by Hendrix): They make several different body scrubs, and while they seem to have discontinued this one, they have others that are quite amazing. You really can't go wrong with any of their products, but here are two that I am currently using a lot. Repurchase? I would, but they no longer sell this one. However, I love tho others and will continue to use them!

Borghese Fango Body Refining Polish (Discontinued): I absolutely loved this body scrub– it was non-greasy, had a little lather and it left skin so soft and smooth. Sadly, it appears to have been discontinued. Repurchase? I would if it was still available!
Dove White Beauty Bar ($2.99-$12.99 for 2-14 bar packs from TargetWalgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond): This gentle, creamy cleansing bar contains ¼ moisturizing cream that leaves skin soft smooth and very clean. Purchase Again? Absolutely.

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar ($3.19-$12.99 for 2-14 bar packs from TargetWalgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond): If you have sensitive skin, then you likely seek a gentle cleansing bar that will neither strip, nor dry out your skin, and this bar definitely delivers. Furthermore, this bar leaves skin soft, smooth and not in the least bit taut. Purchase Again? I already have more!

South of France Foaming Hand Soaps ($ from South of France Natural Body Care and Amazon):  made with organic Agave Nectar because of its ability to  hydrate and nourish the skin. In fact, their, "richly foaming Hand Wash" is enriched with a proprietary blend of natural vegetable glycerin and Coconut Oil that gently clean the skin while leaving it soft and moisturized. Purchase Again? YES!!!
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Subtle Lightening Shampoo (Available from UltaWalmartWalgreensAmazonTarget and Bed Bath & Beyond): John Frieda is, without question, one of my favorite drugstore haircare brands. They have so many amazing products from shampoos and conditioners to extraordinary styling products. Their Brilliant Brunette Subtle Lightening Shampoo brightens hair, and it is just perfect for the summer! Repurchase? I already opened another tube!

Artnaturals Hair Coconut & Lime Shampoo & Conditioner ($26.00 for 16 oz. each from Amazon): If dry scalp and hair are among your concerns, or if your hair is frizzy and unruly, then this nourishing and hydrating set is the perfect pick. It moisturizes dry hair, fights frizz and fly-aways and leaves hair soft, smooth, manageable and shiny. The Coconut & Lime aroma is absolutely delectable, but the scent does not linger. Repurchase? I already have another bottle!

Not Your Mother's Naturals Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler ($8.99 for 8 oz. from TargetUlta and Walgreens): This wonderful curl defining detangler is a wonderful pick for wavy and curly hair, and the delectable blend of Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter enhances my natural curl without making hair stiff. It leaves hair soft, hydrated, frizz-free and shiny. It is free of sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, gluten or synthetic dyes. Repurchase? Definitely!
Vichy Normaderm Gel Cleanser ($18.00 for 6.7 oz. from VichyCVS and Dermstore): If you have oily or acne-prone skin you know how stripping, drying and irritating acne cleansers can be. I have normal/combination skin, and when I do have the periodic breakout I seek products that are gentle and non-drying. This lightly lathering gel cleanser helps to heal breakouts without dehydrating the skin, and it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Repurchase? No, because I seldom break out, but I definitely recommend it if you do.

L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover ($34.00 for 6.7 oz. from L'Occitane): This oil to milk emulsion removes every bit of makeup, and it doesn't bother my sensitive eyes. I can't tell if they have changed the formula, or just the bottle, but I definitely loved this! Repurchase? Not now because I am swimming in cleansing oils and makeup removers, but I would definitely use this again.
LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant ($14.00 for 1.7 oz. from LAVANILAAmazon and Ulta): LAVANILA makes wonderful healthy deodorants that are effective and smell wonderful (though they also make an unscented variant for sensitive skin). Their Vanilla Grapefruit scent is probably my favorite because it smells utterly scrumptious, and offers long-lasting protection. Purchase Again? I already have a replacement!
Vichy Mineral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster ($29.50 for 1.69 oz. from Vichy USAUltaAmazonDermstoreSkin Care RXSkinStore and Walgreens): is described as a "new generation face moisturizer." It features 89% of Vichy's iconic Mineralizing Thermal Water that is further enhanced by Hyaluronic Acid to deeply boost hydration and fortify the skin. The consistency is that of a lightweight gel-like serum that sinks into the skin immediately leaving it hydrated with a luminous, ethereal glow. Dehydrated and dull skin gives way to comfortable, refreshed and moisturized skin without any greasy residue or stickiness. Furthermore, this fragrance-free moisturizer plumps fine lines, nourishes the skin and leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. During the summer months, it offers my normal/combination skin enough moisture and hydration that I can forgo a regular moisturizer altogether, and it pairs beautifully with my favorite serums and face oils. Repurchase? I just opened another bottle!

African Botanics Marula Mineral Cleansing Mask ($85.00 for 1.7 oz. from African Botanics, Cult Beauty, Revolve, Bluemercury and Credo Beauty): You may ask yourself how this mask differs from the scores of clay masks on the market, and there are a myriad of reasons for its uniqueness in the marketplace. Chief among them is the fact that this mask does not dry out the skin as do the standard clay-based masks. In fact, African Botanics Marula + Plant Stem Cells Mineral Cleansing Mask moisturizes and nourishes the skin while it purifies and draws out impurities that congest the pores. Repurchase? Yes, this is the best mask ever!
MegRhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask ($10.99-$17.77 for 7 masks from Yes Style Global and Amazon): If you are looking for serious stress relief, MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks, which stay at a comfortable temperature for 10 minutes, bathe "eyes and the delicate eye area in warm steam." This steam bath for the eyes helps release the tensions of the day. This is the perfect before bedtime treat! Purchase Again? I still have quite a few, but I will definitely repurchase once I finish mine up.
I have sensitive eyes, and therefore I tend to choose non-waterproof formulas since they tend to be more gentle, but SMASHBOX Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Violetta ($21.00 for 0.01 oz. from SMASHBOX, NordstromSephora and Ulta): was quite the surprise in that it neither irritated my eyes, nor did it take tremendous effort to remove. The formula is creamy, it glides across the skin effortlessly and deposits color evenly, and it doesn't tug on the skin in the least bit. It neither transfers and migrates, nor does it flake off. The innovative design self-sharpens each time that you twist the cap off, assuring that you have a nice pointed tip with each use. If you have been seeking an alternative to your standard black or brown eyeliner pencil, then Violetta is a truly gorgeous choice. It is a blackened plum that is neither too purple, nor does it have a red-undertone that can make eyes look tired. It is a gorgeous and infinitely wearable shade that has unquestionably won me over. Repurchase? No question!
Overall Assessment: Well, there you have it! I am a bit surprised that I finished up as many things as I did, but working from home these days means that I have more time to take care of myself. What did you use up, toss out, return or give away in June? Do tell!

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  1. Those are all great picks. Some I've used before and some I haven't. I'd like t try the Not Your Mother's detangler--my hair is fine and after shampooing I need a rake to get through the tangles!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. Not Your Mother's Detangler worked so well for me, and I was able to get a brush through my hair easily after using it!

  2. This is a huge amount and you loved them all. Great items. I don't go things quickly but I am about to finish two items this week. I thought for sure I'd be done with my Mary Kay eye makeup remover but I just haven't worn eye makeup enough to finish the jar. I did toss all mascaras I had open since there time was up.

    1. I have definitely been focussing on using things that I really like or love. It is so much easier to take the time to use things since I have been working from home since early March!

  3. Oh my, you did sooooo well this month! You used up so much! I didn’t finish as many products as I thought I would, but next month I’ll have a decent month coz I am almost finished several products. I love South of France soaps! Their fragrances are lovely. Sorry to hear Sweet Orange & Cedar was discontinued - that scent would have appealed to w

    1. Hi Allison, Thank you! I am finding that working from home could with social distancing has really enabled me to have a little extra time to use more products each month because I am home all of the time! I love South of France spats too, they really make first rate products, and their fragrances really are lovely! Yes, sadly I haven't been able to find Sweet Orange & Cedar anywhere. I will really savor my remaining bottle! I think that you really would have liked it. Perhaps they will bring it back– fingers crossed that they do!


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