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Aftelier Perfumes Areté Fine Chocolate Ylang Ylang- Pear White Chocolate Bar

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Aftelier Perfumes has taken artisanal chocolate to an unimaginable height in their collaboration with Areté Fine Chocolate! Available in three utterly sublime flavor juxtapositions, Areté Violet-Raspberry 63% Maya Mountain Belize Dark Chocolate (REVIEWED HERE), Areté Ylang Ylang- Pear 35% White Chocolate Bar and Areté Ginger-Rose 67% Maya Mountain Belize Dark Chocolate Bar (REVIEWED HERE), these melt-in-your-mouth chocolates are unlike anything that you have ever tried. As you may have noted in my previous review, I had all but the Areté Ylang Ylang- Pear 35% White Chocolate Bar, and now that I have that masterpiece I wanted to review it for you before you commit to your Valentine's Day chocolate purchases.
Aftelier Perfumes and Areté Fine Chocolate are both exceedingly proud of their brilliant collaboration in creating these delectable flavored chocolate bars. Made using Aftelier Perfumes legendary Chef's Essences and Areté Fine Chocolate, these otherworldly creations are to be savored slowly. Of the three flavors, I have tasted all of them except the Areté Ylang Ylang- Pear 35% White Chocolate Bar.

According to Aftelier Perfumes, "So proud of these amazing chocolate bars from our collaboration with Areté Fine Chocolate!"

Areté Fine Chocolate asserts, "We collaborated with renowned artisan perfumer Mandy Aftel to create these special bars. A divine marriage of our Belize Maya Mountain Chocolate and her 100% natural Chef's Essences. We spent six months working together to get the balance just right."
Areté Ylang Ylang- Pear 35% White Chocolate Bar is described as an, "incredible unexpected butterscotch notes appear in this delicious third collaboration with Areté Fine Chocolate!"
Areté Fine Chocolate posits, "this bar is the third in our collaboration with renowned artisan perfumer Mandy Aftel. We were looking for the perfect backdrop and pairing for her magical Ylang Ylang Chef's Essence, and we found it in our 35% white chocolate and Mandy's Pear essence. This bar is as subtle and elegant as our Ginger-Rose and Violet-Raspberry bars are bold and daring."
Areté Ylang Ylang- Pear 35% White Chocolate Bar is the most delightful, complex and unexpected juxtaposition of flavors that I could have ever envisaged. One might expect that the marriage between ylang ylang and pear would result in a muting of the pear by the assertive warm, creamy and peppery ylang ylang, but that simply is not the case. Instead, the pear tempers the ylang ylang, and when mixed with the richness of the white chocolate a decidedly butterscotch flavor merges. It has a creamy round flavor that is warm, refined and not too sweet. It is elegant and sublime, and quite possibly the most delectable chocolate bar to grace your palate. The texture of the chocolate is velvety smooth, without any of the waxiness associated with lower quality mainstream chocolates, and it should be savored rather than devoured. My recommendation is to break off a small piece and let it dissolve in your mouth, rather than chewing it, as this allows each of the flavors to unfold slowly, and it invites one to luxuriate in the otherworldly texture and fragrance.
Each handcrafted bar is signed by the artisans.
As soon as I read Mandy's enclosed note, I knew that I was going to experience a very special chocolate bar.
Overall Assessment: Aftelier Perfumes Areté Fine Chocolate Ylang Ylang- Pear White Chocolate Bar is unlike any chocolate bar that I have ever tried, and I cannot sufficiently underscore the extent to which this chocolate bar should not be missed! If you are buying Valentine's Day Chocolates, then I highly recommend trying this one or the Aftelier Perfumes Areté Fine Chocolate Violet-Raspberry or Ginger-Rose instead of mainstream chocolates.

$12.00 for a 2.2 oz. bar from Aftelier Perfumes (Unaffiliated Links).
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  1. Sounds so unusual. What a wonderful gift this is for you. Pear is underused.

    1. It really is unusual, and I never would have thought that this flavor paring would end up tasting like the most delectable butterscotch! Pear really is underused!

  2. OMG the ylang ylang pear sounds so good! I'm not usually a fan of white chocolate, but with something else involved? Yum!

    1. It's amazing, Courtney! I savored every single bit. This doesn't really taste like white chocolate, but instead like the most refined and delectable butterscotch (but unlike any butterscotch that you have ever tasted or imagined).


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