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Cool Gadget & Tools for the Holidays

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If you are still trying to find the perfect last-minute gift for people on your holiday list, here is a roundup of a few cool gadgets and tools for your consideration. 
Pulse & Glow Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer ($165.00 from Nordstrom): This innovative tool works in conjunction with the Pulse & Glow Sheet Masks, and it couldn't be easier to use! It increases blood circulation and helps the ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively and efficiently.

According to Pule & Glow,

An at-home facial device using galvanic current to enhance blood circulation, refine pores and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This clinically tested and pain-free beauty-tech device uses galvanic current to give you a professional at-home facial. Developed for use with the Pulse+GLO Sheet mask (sold separately), it allows the mask's natural ingredients to penetrate 10 times deeper and provides longer-lasting results compared to traditional sheet masks. The galvanic current also stimulates blood circulation and refines pores, giving your skin a glow in just 10 minutes. The device pulses safe, hydrating and plumping actives into the skin to give the appearance of smoother, softer-looking skin.
Directions: Place the facial mask on first, then put the Pulse+GLO Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer on like a headband and put the galvanic plates on top of the facial mask and cheeks. Press the power button for about two seconds to turn the device on. Press the power button again. The Level 1 mode starts with a beep. Press the power button shortly to change the power level. The device will turn off automatically after 20 minutes with a long beep. If you want to turn the device off while using it, press the power button for about two seconds during use. Level 1 is for sensitive skin, delivering a blue LED light with a single beep. Level 2 is for normal or acne/prone skin, delivering a purple LED light with a double beep. Level 3 is for mature fine lines and wrinkles, delivering a red LED light with a triple beep. You may experience tingling from the ion current during the treatment but it is safe. For best results, use 2–3 times weekly. It is safe for daily use. When the treatment is finished, remove the device and wipe over the electrodes to remove any serum or mask gel.
Ion enhancer headband only. Sheet masks sold separately.
Orbit The Smart Ring Cleaner ($19.99 from Amazon): This simple design is ingenious, and with a simple twisting motion the brushes are able to clean every single nook and cranny of your rings.

According to Orbit,

ORBIT's patented 360 degree "twist-brush" technology works by gently reaching under and all around the stones. With just a spin of your wrist, you’ll restore your ring's sparkle and shine by removing harmful: dirt oils lotions soap make-up food. Perfect for cleaning diamonds, gemstones, gold & platinum.
Perfect for Cleaning Diamond & Gemstone Rings
Formé Shoe Shapers ($48.95 from Formé and the Formé Amazon Store): If you invest your hard-earned money on expensive shoes, then it makes perfect sense to protect them when you store them in your closet. Formé Shoe Shapers can stretch, shape and retain the shape of  your shoes. They can be used on any shoe style from flats to 6" pumps.

GET THE PERFECT FIT: Controlled, customizable fit with our patented 7-fold technology, clinically proven to relive footwear pain.

STRETCHES TO RELIEVE NUMB TOES: Formé wings expand the toe box up to a ½ size, relieving numb and cramped toes. Prevents wrinkles and creasing so shoes stay looking new and chic/crisp.

SHAPES TO MINIMIZE WRINKLES: Restores original heel shape so they gently hug your feet so shoes fit secure. Prevents heel slipping, chafing, and blisters.

EASY TO USE: To stretch your shoes, expand the wings by pushing the button forward and put in your shoes. Don’t worry if the handle doesn’t go down in the heel area. The front works without counterforce from the heel area. Check the fit in a few hours for suede shoes. If they need more stretch, leave Formé in overnight. Our testing suggests that shoes with a pointy toe will take a little more time. For patent leather start with stretching overnight and adding additional stretch time as needed.

DURABLE BUILD: Made of strong, stiff, impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer & stainless steel, yet lightweight for travel.
Melodysusie Scarlet Nail Drill ($54.99 from Melodysusie and the Melodysusie Amazon Store): If you are seeking the professional nail salon experience at home, then this professional drill will be a wonderful addition to your manicure kit.

According to Melodysusie,

MelodySusie Scarlet Nail Drill File comes with a foot pedal in 30000 RPM that allows you to "bring your beauty salon home" and do your own manicures like a pro. Functional, versatile, and quiet, it's an essential tool for nail-care veterans and newcomers alike.

Scarlet is a corded model, which typically works best for full manicures. You’ll get more power from it and you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power in the middle of a manicure.

It works much more quickly than a standard nail file, which is why it’s an especially important tool for nail art work. It also works well for fixing cracks in acrylics, removing lifted acrylics, filing nails before applying gel or acrylic nails, buffing natural nails, fixing cuticles, and smoothing calluses or hardened skin on your hands and feet.

Variable Speed Control: High-speed, Low vibration, Low noise, and Smooth Operation with 0 - 30000RPM.

CE Certificate: Good quality adapter meets UL standard, makes it more safety and durable use.
Humanized Design: Two direction to choose, hand and foot working mode.

High-quality Handpiece Design: Lightweight and low heat for handling, suitable for both professional use in salon and beginner use at home.

Fashion Appearance and Vertical Designs: Portable hook of the body case, you can hang it on your belt, waist, also can be packed into your traveling bag or case.

Specifications: Input voltage range: 100-240V/50-60Hz 0.6A. Output voltage: 24.0V 1.0A.
Package Included:, 1 x Electric Nail Drill, 1 x Power Supply, 1 x Foot Pedal , 1 x User Manual , 6 x Drill Bits and 6 x Sanding Bands.
Mont Bleu Glass Foot File (16,00 € from Mont Bleu and $14.99 from Amazon): Their foot file is, hands-down, the best foot file that I have used. It effectively removes calluses and is so easy to clean with soap and water.

According to Mont Bleu,

This Original Glass Foot File has 2-sided abrasive surface: one rough for the callus and one smooth for a velvet-like finish on your heels. It's designed to remove hardest and toughest calluses.

If you are seeking new nail files, then Mont Bleu has effective and beautiful files that are perfect to give as holiday gifts.
Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files with Swarovski Crystals (14,00 € from Mont Bleu and $19.95 for a set of three from Amazon): Mont Bleu makes high quality tempered glass nail and foot files, that are forged in the Czech Republic. Their Swarovski Crystal encrusted files are especially luxe, and they are the perfect accessory for every bathroom, and the perfect gift for the beauty-lovers on your list who have everything!.

Mont Bleu Dual-end glass Cuticle Pusher (5,49 € from Mont Bleu): The dual-end cuticle pushers are made of the same tempered glass as the files, and are elegant and effective. Length 92 mm / 3.62", Diameter 7 mm / 0.28".
Overall Assessment: Whether you are shopping to treat yourself, or looking for cool tools for people on your list– these are sure to delight your hard-to-shop-for gift recipients.

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  1. Those are all great ideas! That professional nail drill looks amazing! I always had the cheap ones that would break on me

    1. Thanks, Claudia! The nail drill is excellent quality!

  2. I thought the Pulse & Glo were headphones at first. What an innovative facial tool! But I really need the ring cleaner. I wish someone would gift it to me. And you know I adore Mont Bleu!

    1. I had that thought too, when I opened the box! The ring cleaner is so incredibly effective! I know how much you love your Mont Bleu as well, Allison!

  3. What interesting tools. The Pulse & Go would be fun to use. I love giving Mont Bleu for gifts. They always bring oohs and aahs.

    1. Yes, it's a fun device! I know what you mean about the Mont Bleu files, they are great gifts!

  4. These are great for the tech savvy friend or relative!

  5. I could TOTALLY use that ring cleaner!! That is so neat!!!


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