Friday, October 11, 2019

The Rahua Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit for the Holidays

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As you know, Rahua is one of my all-time favorite haircare brands, and I am excited to tell you that they are offering a customizable Holiday Gift Set this season!

According to Rahua,

Knowing that each and every person has specific needs and hair goals, Rahua has created the perfect Holiday hair care gift. Comprised of 8 beautiful 22ML OZ -bottles of Rahua daily hair care, Classic, Color Full, Voluminous and Hydration shampoo and conditioner sets, users can now fully customize their haircare.

Amazon Beauty® Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its first Rahua Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit, a distinctively unique sampler box complete with eight deluxe sized Rahua daily care shampoos and conditioners. Housed in an attractive boxset designed with an Amazonian-inspired illustration, the Rahua Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit allows you to find the perfect combination of shampoo and conditioner to help nourish, strengthen, hydrate, protect and maintain the health of your hair and scalp

The Rahua Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit includes our four potent, plant-powered daily care families (Classic, Color Full™, Voluminous and Hydration) powered by plants and potent Rainforest grown oils such as Rahua and Palo Santo. Did you know it’s not necessary to  match your shampoo & conditioner? This convenient kit allows you to easily mix and match our organic, award-winning shampoos and conditioners to suit your specific hair care needs. 

Not only is it perfect to keep on hand for your own customized beauty needs, this holiday season let Rahua® simplify your gift-giving! The Rahua Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit makes the perfect holiday, or any occasion,  gift for friends and family alike!  Try customizing your daily care for the desired outcome.

Select from the following:
• Looking for color protection as well as moisture?  Mix and match Color Full™ Shampoo with Hydration Conditioner.  
• Is your hair “normal”, yet could use a lift?  Combining Rahua Classic Shampoo with Voluminous Conditioner will provide the boost your looking for.
• Got curls that seek moisture but not the weight?  Rahua Hydration Shampoo combined with Classic Conditioner is the right duo for you. 
• Is your color treated hair flat and lifeless? Rahua Voluminous Shampoo & Color Full™ Conditioner is the perfect combo for your needs. 

The Rahua Customizable Daily Hair Care Kit launches October 18, 2019. Deluxe Sizes: 22ml SRP: $40.00. Available at


  1. This would make an excellent gift if you could part with it!

    1. I know, this would definitely be the kind of gift that one would want to gift to themselves as well!

  2. Great looking box. I know that Rahua is a top notch hair brand. I can imagine having a use for all 4 kinds in this.

    1. It really is a great looking box, I agree! Me too, I would definitely use all 4 of them!

  3. I know you love this haircare brand. I am loaded with shampoos and conditioners right now, but at some point I will definitely try the Color Full Shampoo.

    1. I really do, as you are so keenly aware! Their products are really incredible! At some point when you aren't swimming in shapes and conditioners, you really must try their color line! I think that you would definitely be very impressed. It's one of those brands that the more I try, the more I fall in love with their products! Truly first rate, unquestionably.


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