Friday, September 27, 2019

iPhone Lease or Purchase, That is the Question

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It's time for me to upgrade my iPhone, and my question to you is whether you tend to buy or lease your iPhones. I learned that Apple has changed the trade-in rules– whereby your trade-in iPhone value can only be directly applied to the new phone if you purchase it, instead of lease it. If you opt to lease it, according to the Apple employee with whom I spoke at length, then you receive a gift card that you can use toward the purchase of other items– just not the leased phone.

It is no secret that their phones have become quite expensive, and given that I use mine for work and LSBB, I need the one with the very best camera available– thus I have my sights set on one of the two iPhone 11 Pro models.

Do you tend lease or buy your iPhones? Do tell! I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!


  1. My husband went to get the new iPhone today and Costco was out, they said they can't keep it in stock. I'm hoping that gives me time to convince him to take my phone and get me the new one. No place around here seems to have a lease deal so we always buy.

    1. Did you both end up with new iPhones? I got mine this weekend, and it is AMAZING!


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