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Shopping for the Perfect Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress and Platform Bed

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We have been on the hunt for the perfect eco-friendly King size memory foam mattress and platform bed made of solid wood that has either been sustainably harvested or that is made from repurposed wood. We would prefer that it was handcrafted, and we definitely do not want MDF or veneers used it its construction. Ultimately, we are looking for a bed that will last a long time, and that is made from high quality materials. Our current bed is a conventional mattress that sits on a box spring, and I would just prefer something sleeker, without a box spring, that is more modern and that has a lower profile.

The first platform bed contender is the Dondra Teak Bed (CB2 Exclusive from $699.00- $999.00): This bed really appeals to me aesthetically, and I am very happy that it is made from sustainable and reclaimed wood. It is made without veneers, MDF, or plywood– and this is definitely a high selling point for me. The bad news is that neither of the CB2 locations in my area have a model on display. However, my sister sent me the link to this bed because she said that her good friend owns this bed and is madly in love with it and couldn't be happier.

According to CB2,

Eco platform sleeps sustainably sound with headboard of teak planks reclaimed from homes no longer in use in India. Handplaned smooth, each plank patterns unique interest with its variegated tone, active grain, natural knots, splits and markings. Solid sustainable mango wood base is precision crafted with exposed peg joinery on low-profile block feet.

- Headboard is solid teak reclaimed from homes no longer in use in India
- Base is solid sustainable mango wood
- Characteristics of wood include variation in tone, natural knots, splits and markings
- Each is unique
- Plank size will vary
- 22 wood slats for mattress support
- For use with a mattress only
- Made in India
The second contender is the Drommen Acacia Wood Bed (CB2 Exclusive $799.00 - $1,199.00): I love the sleek and slender proportions of this bed, and think that there is a certain elegance to its design. It is made from solid sustainable acacia wood, and contains no MDF, veneers or plywood. I like the headboard cushion, but might prefer the look and longevity of a solid wood headboard instead. This bed is neither on display at the local CB2 locations, nor do I know anyone who owns it– therefore this would be a sight unseen purchase.

According to CB2,

Both architectural and comfy, master wooden bed designed by Jannis Ellenberger is a dream from every angle. Aligned with Ellenberger's style of simple construction with unexpected details, "the combination of contrasting materials and inclining lines make the design modern and fresh." With its warm tones and graceful grain, solid sustainable acacia wood intersects angular legs that meet in an open back on low-profile platform—a natural complement to plush upholstered headboard, tailored in an ivory poly/linen weave.

- Designed by Jannis Ellenberger
- Frame: Solid sustainable acacia wood
- Headboard: Upholstered in ivory poly/linen with foam padding
- Finished back can float in room
- For use with mattress only, sold separately
- Made in Vietnam
The final contender is the Thuma Bed ($795.00-$995.00 from Thuma): My husband texted me a picture of this bed when we first started searching for a platform bed. It is made from sustainable repurposed wood with a "PillowBoard" made from 100% polyester material with foam fill. The frame easily fits together using Japanese Joinery craftsmanship which means that the joints fit together perfectly, and they eliminate the need for lots of metal hardware. This would be a completely blind online purchase since there are no brick and mortar stores that carry this bed. The reviews are quite favorable, but we still would have no way to see it until it was delivered to us.

According to Thuma,

Meet the perfect platform bed frame. Thoughtfully designed and crafted to elevate any bedroom. Includes natural walnut colored frame, PillowBoard and cushion-coated slats.

Repurposed wood. No MDF or Veneers. Natural walnut coloring boasts unique wood grains and knots. Subtle color variances are to be expected and celebrated. Bottom of legs include pre-applied cork-padded bottoms for floor protection and extra cushion.

A minimalist headboard alternative, The PillowBoard has been designed for comfort and function. Its low-profile can be covered by throw pillows for a plush look, or kept visible to provide a design accent. Made of 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave cover on top of a premium tapered foam fill. The PillowBoard sits perfectly on the back of the frame between the mattress and the wall.

Double-strength slats lined with eco-fi felt made from recycled plastics for durability and sound reduction. Our slats lock into place to prevent slipping and mattress movement. Spaced for optimum mattress support and breathability. No box springs or bed skirts necessary.

Assembly: Two hand-tightened screws. No tools necessary.
Saatva Loom & Leaf 12" Relaxed Firm Mattress ($849.00-$1799.00 from Loom & Leaf or Macy's $849.00-$1799.00): We went so far down the bed-in-a-box rabbit hole, and we finally decided that we wanted a memory foam mattress rather than a hybrid or a traditional mattress with springs. Therefore, this decision radically narrowed the playing field, and the final tipping point for Loom & Leaf, beyond its extraordinarily favorable reviews, was the fact that it was the one bed that we could actually see– and test– in person, and it therefore ended up not really being a bed-in- a-box. They can be found on display at select Macy's locations, and so my husband went to test it in person on his way home from the office. He said it was "incredibly comfortable" and that he liked it better than any of the other beds that he tested while there. I am going to try to squeeze in a trip to try it for myself, but I am working under the time constraints of an inflexible work deadline, and I simply may not have the time to spare.

Given the research that I have done about the Loom & Leaf mattresses, of which there are two firmnesses, the Firm is quite firm, and intended for people who really prefer a very firm mattress, and the Relaxed Firm has more give and will appeal to a far wider range of people. Therefore, the Relaxed Firm is the best possible choice for both of us.

According to Loom & Leaf,

Saatva engineers took the top five features found in luxury retail mattresses and combined them to make one perfect mattress. Saatva's luxury Loom & Leaf memory foam mattresses are made in the U.S.A. with premium materials and costs 70% less than comparable retail brands. Sleep in comfort on Saatva's 12" Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress. Proprietary lumbar zone technology provides targeted pressure relief, while a cooling gel-infused top layer offers a cradled feel, allowing you to sleep in pure bliss.

- Foundation not included
- 2" Gel-infused 4-lb Memory Foam layer ensures a cool sleep surface
- 2.5" 5-lb Ultra Premium Memory Foam layer is the heart of the mattress
- Top Type: Memory Foam Tight Top
- 2" Transition loft pad allows the layers above and below to provide optimal support for a healthy sleep
- 5.5" High Density support base gives best-in-class structural integrity and durability
- Exclusive Features: Proprietary Lumbar zone technology to ensure proper spinal alignment and pressure point relief
- Exclusive all natural Guardin® antimicrobial treatment on organic cotton cover to create a healthy sleep environment and prolong the life of the fabric
- Compatible with adjustable beds
- Warranty: 15-year Non-prorated
- All foams are CertiPUR certified, made without any harmful chemicals or additives
- Made in the USA
Overall Assessment: We are getting ready to make these purchases, but I wondered if you had any insights? Have you purchased an eco-friendly platform bed or mattress? If you are considering an eco-friendly mattress, are you considering a hybrid, traditional or memory foam type? Are there particular brands and models that you would recommend, or that you think should be avoided altogether? Please share your thoughts, you have my undivided attention!

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  1. I am also on the hunt for new bed and you have given me some great ideas here

    1. I am so glad! Are you looking for a mattress and a frame? If so, which brands are you considering? Are you going for eco-friendly brands? We bought this mattress, and it is coming on Friday, but we still haven't decided on which frame to get!

  2. If they offer a set up service take it. We couldn't have done ours without them. I thought not having a box springs would be a problem but it's not at all.

    1. We actually bought this mattress yesterday, and now we have to make a decision on which frame! Fortunately all of them are in the warehouse and will deliver quickly, but we definitely have to decide. In all likelihood the mattress will arrive first! The two frames from CB2 include assembly in the price of delivery– so I am sure that they will happily pop the mattress on top for us. I now want to get a couple of new pillows, and am looking for the eco-friendly variety. Did you get the Avocado pillows along with you bed? If so, do you like and recommend them?

    2. I didn't buy the pillows since we love the ones we have. Plus my husband sleeps with 3 pillows and would steal mine if he could.

    3. Thanks, Marcia! I am curious about their pillows! That's funny that Marty would steal yours if he could! LOL!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Cindy! I keep going back and forth between the first and the second one, but I called my local CB2 and apparently they are both on display in that store– even thought the website said there weren't. So we are going to go and see them in person this week and make a decision already! Thank you for your input!

  4. These sound really nice! I can't wait to see what you get. We're hooked on the Purple Mattress, we have one of those in every bedroom in our home. We also have the Purple Dog Bed and seat cushions.

    1. I have heard good things about the Purple Mattress, but didn't realize that they also had dog beds– I will have to look into getting one! So far, we have purchased the Loom & Leaf mattress, but we still haven't finalized which of the platform bed frames we are going to get.


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