Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hair Dryers to Covet from Gamma + Italia

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Quality hair tools, that are built to last, are definitely a bit of an investment, but certainly a worthy one for something that you use on a daily basis. Therefore, I have rounded up a couple of my very favorite hair dryers from Gamma + Italia that have really impressed me, and that are definitely worthy of consideration.
Gamma + Italia Relax Silent Hair Dryer ($209.95 from Gamma + Italia and Amazon): If you are seeking a high quality hair dryer that is very effective, efficient and incredibly quiet– then this is definitely one worth having. It is the most quiet dryer that I have experienced, and therefore it is such a pleasure to use. It is powerful, lightweight, and it comes with two concentrator nozzles for precision drying.

According to Gamma + Italia,

The Gamma+ Relax Silent dryer is the quietest professional dryer in its class. It features noise reduction silencer technology for a soft 64 decibels of sound, to reduce acoustic stress and create an eco-friendly environment. The Relax Silent is as quiet as it is effective. Tourmalionic technology and a super turbo fan maximizes air flow, pressure, and temperature, for superior performance without compromise. This lightweight dryer delivers an eco-friendly and relaxing experience with no vibrations or electromagnetic pollution. It comes equipped with a silencer honeycomb screen and two concentrator nozzles.
• Nano silver technology
• Super Turbo Fan: High-performance airflow, pressure and temperature
• Silencer honeycomb screen for noise reduction
• Lightweight and ergonomically balanced
• Eco-friendly with no vibrations or electromagnetic pollution
• Removable filter
• 6 heat/speed settings
• 2 ultra-thin concentrator nozzles
• Cool shot button
• 9 ft. cord
• 2-year warranty
Gamma + Italia Aria Hair Dryer ($149.00 from Gamma + Italia and Amazon): If you are seeking a quiet and effective hair dryer, then the Gamma + Italia Aria is a wonderful choice. It features a hybrid motor that is high-performance, and that reduces drying time. It is compact in size, and therefore can be taken with you in your travels. I should also note that because it is so efficient in its ability to radically reduce drying time,  it is one of my hair dryers– especially for travel. Given that I have naturally curly, and dry, hair I often avoid heated styling tools because of the damage that they do to my hair, but this hair dryer is exquisite and so perfectly suited to drier hair types (like mine).

According to Gamma + Italia,

New hybrid motor is ultra-lightweight and combines high-performance and velocity to dramatically reduce drying time without compromising on power.

Evolution Turbo Compressor Technology (E.T.C.) generates unique spiraling air pressure to dry beyond only the surface of hair. 

E.T.C. Technology penetrates deeper and wider inside strands for a first of its kind, hyper-fast drying.

Pure Italian engineering and 100% Italian manufacturing. Its scientifically balanced, ergonomic design makes styling virtually effortless while reducing strain on the hand and wrist. Well under a pound, the Aria weighs just 13.4 oz.

Quieter than other dryers, the Aria significantly reduces noise and acoustic stress in the salon, backstage or on editorial and television shoots.

Produces maximum negative ions, leaving hair with a brilliant, healthy shine and smoother, more vital condition.
Overall Assessment: If you are looking to replace old hair dryer– then Gamma + is definitely a brands worth your consideration. Gamma + hair dryers are used in our household on a daily basis, and have replaced all of our old hair dryers.

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  1. I would love a quieter hairdryer like this!

    1. These are! Definitely worthy of consideration!

  2. Lisa has one of these and I've never heard her rave this much about a hair tool. She has very long hair and finds the Gamma to be excellent.

    1. I am not surprised, we have kicked our old hair dryers to the curb because these are THAT good!

  3. That sounds really nice! I'm currently hooked on my Dyson.

    1. These are really good. The Dyson has he most innovative design, that's for sure!


  4. Thanks for this post, I'm due for a new hairdryer!

    1. My pleasure, Cindy! Their hair dryers are really first rate, and built to last. They are definitely worth considering.

  5. I could definitely use a new blow drier (I've had my current one since high school...) and these sound so great!

    1. Wow, it's amazing that you still have the one that you used in high school! These dryers are definitely excellent, and worth considering!


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