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Soothe Blackberry Forest Candle | Review & Special Mother's Day Offer

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Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and I have a wonderful gift idea for your mom! Soothe Blackberry Forest Candle, which features notes of citrus, blackberry, strawberry, combined with hints of patchouli, amber and sandalwood, is an utterly divine soy candle that your mom is sure to treasure. The fruity aroma is tempered by the earthiness of the patchouli, amber and sandalwood, but the freshness and sweetness of the citrus, blackberry, strawberry mitigates the intensity and pungency of the the earthier notes. The end result is the perfect aromatic balance, and the lit its essence fills the air without being imposing or overdone.
According to Soothe,

Hand-poured in Los Angeles, the vegan candle is made of premium grade soy wax, and allows for 50 hours of burn time using all-natural cotton wicks which allow for a clean, non-polluting burn. It comes in a sleek matte black glass jar with lid and a weighted bottom which keeps it from easily sliding across surfaces.

Transform your space into a summer getaway with sweet scents of blackberry, strawberry, and citrus combined with warm notes of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. The serenity will carry you away with every strike of your match.
 About Soothe,

Soothe the world’s leading on-demand massage service which delivers a licensed, insured massage therapist to one’s home, office, or hotel within 60 minutes.
Special Mother's Day Offer,

In honor of Mother’s Day 2019, anyone who books a Mother’s Day massage through May 4 using Code: LOVEMOM will receive a complimentary Soothe Blackberry Forest Candle which can be shipped to points within the U.S. (note: massage must take place on May 12 to qualify). For more information about Soothe, visit or call 833-276-6843.
Dimensions: 3.2’ x 3.7’
Burn Time: 50 hours
Hand-Poured in Los Angeles, CA 
Overall Assessment: This is such a special candle, and a perfect Mother's Day gift idea.

$32.99 from Amazon and Soothe (Affiliate Links).
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  1. I love the description of this scent! Yum! 50 hour burn time is amazing too. :)

    1. Thanks, Stacie! It is such a wonderful candle, and the scent is truly delectable!

  2. Even I'm tempted by this and I don't burn candles. But this sounds like it would smell incredible.

    1. I can certainly understand why, it is a truly exceptional candle!

  3. You had me up until the patchouli note. Everything else sounds divine.

    1. I am not a fan of patchouli, and never have been, it doesn't smell like patchouli. The earthy notes a re tempered by the fruity notes, and while there is a certain richness to its edges it doesn't read as patchouli. I was concerned that I would dislike it because of the patchouli, but the notes are so perfectly balanced that it is undeniable in its normal form.

  4. I love fruity/floral scents so this one is totally up my alley!


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