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GuruNanda Natural Mist Room Spray

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If you are seeking natural room sprays, filled with essential oils, then you will absolutely LOVE GuruNanda Natural Mist Room Sprays– they smell amazing, and thankfully they lack the chemical smell of conventional room sprays. They feature a 360-degree, continuous stream of spray without any dripping or any sort of mess.

Choose from our 4 unique scent blends, which include:

Spearmint, Patchouli, and Cedarwood
Scent: Citrusy
Spearmint: Lift Mood, Refresh Senses, Energize Mind & Body
Patchouli: Lift Mood, Balance Emotions, Grounding
Cedarwood: Calm Mind, Ground Emotions, Balance Spirit

Lemongrass, Lime, and Basil
Scent: Minty, Fresh
Lemongrass: Cleanse, Refresh Mind, Renew Spirit
Lime: Lift Mood, Cleanse Skin, Energize Mind
Basil: Support Body Function, Improve Skin, Fight Free Radicals

Jasmine and Rosemary
Scent: Floral
Jasmine: Lift Mood, Promote Relaxation, Heal Emotions
Rosemary: Invigorate Mind, Increase Focus, Improve Digestion

Lavender, Orange, and Vanilla
Scent: Floral, Sweet
Lavender: Calm Mind, Lift Mood, Improve Sleep
Orange: Cleanse, Refresh Mind, Uplift Spirit
Vanilla: Promote Relaxation, Improve Sleep, Boost Skin and Hair Health

According to GuruNanda,

At GuruNanda, we take pride in bringing 100% pure and natural essential oils from farm to you with nothing added, nothing removed.

We are excited to present our new line of GuruNanda Aromatherapy Natural Mist Room Sprays that adhere to that same standard of purity.

Each room spray is made from 100% natural essential oil blends that are sure to bring peace and comfort to any space.

Natural Mist Air Spray: 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils carefully selected to provide your home with beautiful, refreshing, and therapeutic scents.

360° Functionality: Easily spray your Natural Mist Air Spray continuously even when you turn it upside down!

Continuous Mist: The built-in air funnel technology allows you spray continuously without taking your finger off the spray nozzle.

Four Natural Scents: Let your senses feel the aromatic mist of natural essential oils blended together in four different ways. These natural scents remain in the air for long periods of time, keeping you refreshed & relaxed.

Low Carbon Footprint: GuruNanda is proud to produce all-natural room spray that utilizes planet-friendly packaging and produces an extremely small carbon footprint.
Overall Assessment: These are my favorite room sprays, and they are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and any room that you need to freshen up.

$7.99 for oz. from GuruNanda, the Official GuruNanda Amazon Store and Walmart (Affiliate Links).
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  1. These sound like really nice room sprays.

  2. While these aren't the kinds of scents I can live with I think the whole idea of these is great. So many room sprays are so artificial that I gag from them. I think using these would be a big improvement.

    1. They aren't overpowering, but you would definitely need to sniff each of them to see if there are any that you could us. I completely agree about the artificial smelling room sprays– I can't tolerate them either.

  3. These all sound like wonderful scents for room sprays. Thanks for sharing this line as I've not heard of it before.

    1. They really are wonderful, Stacie! They are well worth trying, and are such a lovely way to give the home a little freshening.

  4. These sound wonderful. I know I would love the Lavender blend!

    1. They truly are, and the scents are so good that you might just find yourself spraying them more often than needed!


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