Tuesday, March 5, 2019


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Barneys Love Yourself Bag Event March 5-9

The Barneys LOVE YOURSELF Bag Event starts today, and you won't want to miss this one! Be sure to check out my full post HERE to see the Step-Up Gifts for this event. Below you will find the contents of the HIS and HERS gift bags.

SO MUCH LOVE IN A LITTLE BAG Spend $200 on cosmetics, skincare, or fragrance in-store or online to receive a women's or men's bag filled with our favorite of-the-moment products.* SHOP NOW
 (Once the sale officially begins, more will be added online)

❤️ The Bag Event will run from March 5-9, 2019.

❤️ Barneys is already pre-selling- this is the best way to reserve the gift bag and step-up gifts for you.

❤️ The minimum purchase to get the gift bag is $200.00 (this is based upon total pre-tax purchases in the cosmetics & fragrance department- not limited to a single counter or line). If you spend $200.00 before tax from the store shipping is free (US only. Shipping fees apply to international addresses).

❤️ You can order online to get the bag, but the Step-Up Gifts will likely differ, unless otherwise stated. I

❤️ One bag per customer & while supplies last! cannot be combined with any other offer.

❤️ Step-up gifts are line specific gifts beyond the gift bag. For instance, if you spend a certain amount of money with a particular line that is participating, then they will give you an additional gift with purchase from their line. There is nearly always a minimum purchase price, and they often give full-sized products- making it all the more tempting. You will still get the Gift Bag even if you spend enough in a particular line to qualify for their step up gift.

For Assistance, feel free to contact Irene The NYC Madison Avenue location (212) 833-2005 or (212) 833-2004 
Barneys Love Yourself Bag Event

Now for the Gift Bags themselves!
Barneys is having TWO Love Yourself Gift Bags to choose from: One for men and one for women.
Women's Gift Bag Contents:
Men's Gift Bag Contents:
**Samples in Gift Bags May Vary**
Women's Gift Bag

The bags contain a mixture of full-sized products, deluxe samples, and regular sized samples.

I have had several requests about line specific step-up gifts from my beloved readers- so here are a few of them (click on name brand to direct you to their page on the Barneys website). If it is currently left blank that means that I am awaiting information about what the Step-Up Gifts will be, or whether they are having any.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see things that you want you should be aware that Barneys is already pre-selling, and that they may substitute gifts as they begin to sell out. Remember that things sell out very quickly because the LOVE YOURSELF BAG EVENT is a very popular (and fantastic) time to shop. In other words, don't wait too long if you plan to shop the event. Call your local Barneys to find out what Step-Up Gifts they are offering, or call the Madison Avenue number that I provided to see if they still have what is listed below. If your plan is to shop online, then shop early to get what you want before things begin selling out on the Barneys website.
Men's Gift Bag

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