Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Covet-Worthy Hold Me Makeup Bag

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Finding the perfect travel bag for your makeup is difficult, and if you travel a lot you know the necessity of effective and efficient storage for your makeup. When I travel by plane, I tend to streamline my picks and prefer minimal makeup and skincare in deluxe samples. When I make short distance trips by car, which I do quite often, I carry more given that I am not beholden to TSA compliant sizes. A few years ago, I  became obsessed with the gorgeous handmade Hold Me Bag– Just Julie, and I have used their bags for travel ever since.
The Hold Me Bag - Just Julie is a stunning handmade makeup bag that features a soft black plush, and ultra-luxe, velvet exterior and an interior that is punctuated by a waterproof interior liner. The interior pattern is a gorgeous light blue that is embellished by white quatrefoil patterns.

On the far right there is a graciously appointed section for makeup brushes with individually stitched sections to separate and protect each brush. It also includes a flap that folds over to add another layer of protection to all of the brushes.

In the center there is a very large expandable zipper compartment that has enough space for lots and lots of makeup.  In fact, it is large enough to store plenty of your favorite palettes.

At the far left there is a flap with a long cord to wind around to close, secure and protect the entire makeup bag. It includes a large interior pocket that enables you to store lots of additional products.

While this is a perfect travel companion, it can likewise be used for at-home storage for your most reached-for makeup and brushes, and it is beautiful enough to leave out on your vanity!
 According to Hold ME,

Always just lovely. Timeless quatrefoil pattern in a small-scale cool aqua blue.
Expandable center section, "The Heart", is fully zippered. Holds makeup of various shapes and sizes, and multiple palettes. Thin, removable bottom liner can be used outside the bag or to separate palettes.

Fully opened, see everything at a glance with easy access; saves time with daily makeup routine.

Covered brush section has 12 sleeves; some hold single brushes and some multiple brushes and/or tools; protects brushes, as they stay upright, fresh and safely stored. Maximum brush length: 9".

Exterior and parts of interior made of soft black velvet fabric; interior highlights of wipe-clean laminated cotton print. Both fabrics are easy to clean and durable.
Hold Me Bag - measures 10"H x 7"W x 2.5"D closed; extends to 22" fully opened. 
 Handmade in the USA.
I placed lots of full-sized products in the expandable compartment, but there is room for even more.
The brush sleeve actually fits considerably more brushes than I packed for this trip.
Illustrations courtesy of Hold Me
Simple knotting technique to secure the Hold Me Bag
The interior zip compartment features a removable sleeve (Shown on the right) that adds a further level of protection to your makeup, and a generous pocket in the top flap of the zipper compartment. The entire expandable zipper compartment is lined in the beautiful blue and white quatrefoil pattern.
Overall Assessment: If you are seeking an effective and efficient way to travel with your makeup, or to store your most reached-for makeup and makeup brushes at home, then take a look at the gorgeous handmade Hold Me Bags– they are gorgeous handmade treasures that are truly covet-worthy. A+

$85.00 from Hold Me + $4.50 US Shipping and $80.00 from the Official Hold Me Amazon Store (Affiliate Links).

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  1. It's a gorgeous bag. I love that it packs flat.

    1. It really is a gorgeous bag, Lynne. It is made so well and it is durable and elegant!

  2. What a well-designed, beautifully crafted, luxurious travel bag! I could certainly use this

    1. It really is well designed and the quality id first-rate. I think that you would really love it, Allison!

  3. I love getting new makeup bags for travel. This one looks like it could actually hold everything that I bring when I travel.

    1. This one is truly exceptional, and definitely worthy of your consideration!

  4. There's something quite elegant with this bag. It holds enough for me for a week trip and it folds up so well. Because you tie it you can get more in than with a zippered bag. It's a winner.

    1. I completely agree with you, Marcia! You can fit so much inside this beauty, and it is perfect for a long trip, or a short one!

  5. Replies
    1. Agreed, and it actually fits so much more than I put in it for these shots!

  6. Oh I like that it's collapsible and so compact! Perfect for travel!

  7. I've had one of these forever and I still love and use it! It's PERFECT and it's definitely stood up to the test of time!

    1. I completely agree with your assessment, Brooke. These are so well made and they last forever. Plus the design is so well thought out and executed. I love mine!


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