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SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Airbrush Sweep #53 | Review

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I have a penchant for makeup brushes, and these days I am particularly fond of high quality brushes for foundation application. So many of them leave streaks that require another brush to buff to perfection. I like an airbrush finish, and I bought the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Airbrush Sweep #53 sight unseen because of its claims to do just that. It has synthetic bristles that are very densely packed, a strong metal ferrule, and what feels like a wooden lacquered handle (though it could also be dense plastic).

The brush has a very densely packed head of delightfully soft bristles. The brush is very well balanced, fits into the hand perfectly and is very easy to use– without any sort of prohibitively steep learning curve. I have experienced no shedding, even after a few washes, and the brush retains its shape without exception.

That the bristles are synthetic, rather than made from animal hair, means that they do not absorb your foundations, and therefore there is no product wasted. This means a lot to me since I prefer expensive foundations and don't want to replace them sooner than necessary.

I prefer light coverage foundations and tinted moisturizers personally, and while Sephora refers to this as a "full-coverage face brush"– I can tell you that it works perfectly with my foundations and tinted moisturizers. I simply apply my foundation to the back of my hand and then dip the bristles in the foundation and then apply it to my face. The brush quickly applies and buffs foundations to perfections, and it definitely creates a flawless no-makeup look. I should note that it leaves no streaks whatsoever. This was a bit of an impulse purchase for me, and yet it has become one of my most reached-for brushes!
According to Sephora,

A brush for creating a smooth, flawless, no-makeup look.  This full-coverage face brush makes creating a flawlessly blended no-makeup look easy. Its unique shape offers a larger application area than other brushes, and the Naturon synthetic fibers have the strength to apply product smoothly without streaking, yet are flexible enough for smooth, even blending.

The Naturon fibers are made from a synthetic PBT and feature waves and pointed tips to emulate natural fibers. They have been treated with an antibacterial treatment.
This product is not tested on animals. This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.
It comes with its own plastic case that makes it perfect for travel!
 The fan shapes head is about 2 inches wide and the whole brush is about 4 1/2 inches long.
Overall Assessment: I highly recommend this brush if you want a wonderful foundation brush that gives you a flawless air-brushed finished. A+

$38.00 from Sephora (Affiliate Links)
Purchased. All views expressed are categorically my own.
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