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Shu Uemura La Maison du Chocolat Collection | Review and Swatches

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I recently mentioned that I haven't been in the least bit moved by most of the fall and holiday collections that I have seen– to the extent that I haven't made any sort of effort to even go look at or swatch very many. One of the notable exceptions has been the new limited edition Shu Uemura Holiday CollectionLa Maison du Chocolat, which is both breathtaking and utterly delectable. In fact, this collection  really excited me at first glance. I should note that Shu is one of those brands with which I have had a long-standing love affair that dates back to being a late teenager/young adult–when my mom first introduced to their makeup. Therefore, I maintain a visceral and emotional reaction to their products, and their products still fill me with wonder and excitement. Very few brands elicit that type of reaction in me anymore, and therefore I am very pleased to share their new collections with you. I have most of the pieces from the launch, but not all.
The Shu Uemura La Maison du Chocolat Collection is a gorgeous and ultra-luxurious collection that will make your mouth water. It features stunning fall makeup that boasts a perfectly on-trend color stories for the fall and holiday seasons.
La Maison du Chocolat Ganache & Praliné Eye Shadow Palette is available in two lovely color stories: Dark Cacao and Framboise Berry– of which I have the former ($99.00 for 8 x 1.0g. / 0.03 oz. from Shu Uemura USA and $115.00 from Shu Uemura Canada): 

First, if you haven't experienced Shu's powder shadows, you are in for a real treat. They are ultra-finely milled, creamy and silky to the touch and beautifully pigmented. They glide across the skin effortlessly, deposit color evenly and they blend like a dream. Dark Cacao consists of a combination of shimmer and matte shades that offer a good balance between warm and cool toned colors.

The 8 shadow palette includes a mirror the full-size of the lid and a small sponge-tip applicator and dual-sided brush. Both tools will suffice for travel, but I much prefer using higher quality full-size brushes.
According to Shu Uemura,

Limited edition palettes feature 8 special eye shadow shades, exclusively designed for Shu Uemura 2018 holiday collection with La Maison du Chocolat.

Mix and match the irresistible shades for festive eye makeup looks. with a package inspired by a box of assorted chocolates, each palette features deliciously fragranced colors with silicone-coated powders that glide smoothly onto eyes.

Choose: Dark Cacao for bold chic looks or Framboise Berry for more sweet elegance.

Left to Right: Dark neutral matte brown, warm golden taupe shimmer, cool cranberry shimmer and matte ivory.
Left to Right: Stunning Champagne taupe shimmer, cool chocolate taupe shimmer, golden yellow shimmer and warm chocolate matte.
The packaging embodies the idea of giving or receiving a luxurious box of chocolates.
There is no fragrance whatsoever to any of these beautiful eyeshadows.
Choose: Dark Cacao for bold chic looks or Framboise Berry for more sweet elegance.
La Maison du Chocolat Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick ($31.00 for 3.4 g / 0.11 oz. from Shu Uemura USA and $36.00 from Shu Uemura Canada): 

I have never been a fan of matte lipsticks because I find most of them drying and unforgiving on the lips. They often feel heavy, thick and imposing and they are most often quite flat and lack dimension and visual interest. However, Shu Uemura has cracked the code on creating a gorgeous matte lipstick that isn't drying in the least and that has a feather-weight ultra-creamy consistency that feels very comfortable on the lips. Furthermore, it glides across the lips effortlessly, deposits color evenly, and it neither bleeds nor settles into lip lines. Additionally it doesn't look flat and dry and it lasts for many hours.  These lipsticks also smell and taste like high quality European chocolates, but that does fade after a few minutes. These gorgeous lipsticks are available in 6 luscious colors, and fortunately I have all of them to share with you.
According to Shu Uemura,

Delicious color matte lipstick with a chocolate fragrance and limited edition package for Shu Uemura x La Maison du Chocolat holiday collection.

A smooth matte finish and all-day comfort that helps to maintain moisturized lips. the hybrid pigments also ensure pure color payoff - the color you see is the color you get.
Available in 6 indulgent colors - deep cranberry / salty caramel / cassis berry / ripe cherry / raspberry syrup / blackberry.
Left to Right
Deep Cranberry is deep mid-tone red
Salty Caramel is a stunning burnt peach nude
Cassis Berry is a mid-tone raspberry
Ripe Cherry is a blackened deep red
Raspberry Syrup is a deep blue-based raspberry red
Black Berry is a blackened deep vampy wine
Note that while these are matte lipsticks that they are neither flat, nor do they lack dimension.
La Maison du Chocolat Rouge Unlimited Lipstick ($31.00 for 3.4 g / 0.11 oz. from Shu Uemura USA and $36.00 from Shu Uemura Canada): 

I am obsessed with this Rouge Unlimited formula, it is truly sublime. These lipsticks have a luminous satin finish, a rich and creamy consistency that hydrates the lips and makes them soft and smooth. The lipsticks glide across the lips effortlessly, deposit color evenly and they neither bleed into lip lines, nor do they pool. They are long-wearing, boast the perfect amount of cushion for comfortable wear, and they are utterly gorgeous! Furthermore, they have the same delectable chocolate fragrance as the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks.
According to Shu Uemura,

Delicious satin lipstick with a chocolate fragrance and limited edition package for shu uemura x La Maison du Chocolat holiday collection.

This satin lipstick comes with a vivid color payoff and a layable, light texture that is buildable. infused with moisture lock cream, it helps your lips to stay smooth and moisturized.
Left to Right:
Caramel Toffy is a warm, burnt caramel
Hazelnut Ganache is a blackened burgundy with a touch of brown
Raspberry Purée is a dark, blackened raspberry
Framboise Sorbet is a dark, rich strawberry
Available in 4 irresistible colors - caramel toffy/raspberry purée / framboise sorbet/hazelnut ganache.
La Maison du Chocolat Metallic Lip Liner ($30.00 each from Shu Uemura USA and $36.00 from Shu Uemura Canada):

If you love metallic lips for the holidays, then behold the most glorious examples from Shu's Maison du Chocolat collection. Called a lip liner, you apply this with a brush-laden wand like a lip gloss, but it is thin and immediately adheres to the lips and imparts serious metallic luminosity. I tried it alone and it was too intensely metallic for my daily use, but found that wearing it under a gloss offered the type of cushion and shine that I really like. It is available in two shades, and I have both to share with you. Additionally, there is no flavor or scent to either of them.
According to Shu Uemura,

With its limited edition package for Shu Uemura's 2018 holiday collection with La Maison du Chocolat, the magical lip liner accentuates your lips with delicious metallic colors. it to contour your lips and give a twist to your festive look.
Top to Bottom:
Star Dust Rosé is a gorgeous metallic rose gold
Star Dust Gold is a metallic yellow gold
Available in 2 sparkling shades - star dust gold star dust rosé.
La Maison du Chocolat Creamy Dome Blusher in Passion Fruit Macaron ($30.00 from Shu Uemura USA and $36.00 from Shu Uemura Canada):

This lovely and emollient cream blush has a lovely emollient texture that effortlessly glides across the skin, depositing color evenly, and without settling into, or emphasizing, pores and fine lines. It sets quickly, and I find that it doesn't budge once it does. However, my cheeks aren't in the least bit oily, and therefore your wear-time might vary. Available in two shades, of which I have Passion Fruit Macaron, this blush offers a natural finish which is neither flat, nor too luminous. Instead, it offers a lit from within glow without any glittery particles.
According to Shu Uemura,

Exclusively created for 2018 holiday collection with La Maison du Chocolat, cream blush with its cocooning texture and macaron-inspired colors brighten up your cheeks for the festive season.
Available in 2 colors - rose petal macaron and passion fruit macaron.
Passion Fruit Macaron is a clear and vibrant light orange shade.
La Maison du Chocolat Shimmery Powder in Luster Gold Dust is stunning pale gold.
La Maison du Chocolat Shimmery Powder in Luster Gold Dust ($36.00 from Shu Uemura USA and $40.00 from Shu Uemura Canada):

There is something magical about a little extra shimmer during the holidays, and Shu's Shimmery Powder in Luster Gold Dust is a finely-milled shimmery powder that can be dusted on your face, on your body, and it can be used as a highlighter, added to blush or used as an eyeshadow. You can apply it with your fingers, or a brush, and for a foiled effect silly use a damp brush, makeup sponge or finger.
According to Shu Uemura,

A loose type shimmery powder with the limited edition La Maison du Chocolat packaging, it adds a sprinkling of gold dust to your face, by using it as a blush, highlighter or even eye shadow.
Available in 2 shimmery shades -  luster gold dust and luster rosé dust.
La Maison du Chocolate Ultim8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil ($43.00 for 5.07 oz and $91.00 for 15.22 oz. from Shu Uemura USA and $49.00 for 5.07 oz. and $99.00 for 15.22 oz. from Shu Uemura Canada): This ultra-luxe rich and emollient cleansing oil has a luscious lightweight consistency that leaves skin soft, smooth, supple and luxuriously hydrated. While it can be used by all skin types, I suspect that it will be coveted by people with normal to dry skin. When water is introduced, this cleansing oil also transforms into a rich and creamy milky emulsion that gently removes every trace of dirt and makeup without ever stripping the skin, and it leaves skin velvety soft and smooth without leaving behind a greasy residue. It has a warm and creamy aroma that I find intoxicatingly delicious, but it doesn't smell like chocolate as the collection name might lead you to believe.
According to Shu Uemura,

Shu Uemura's best-selling cleansing oil is transformed into a special package for La Maison du Chocolat holiday collection.

Cashmere skin quality: ultime8 complex delivers softer, smoother and moisturized skin for an exquisite makeup finish. The precious essence of 8 exquisite botanical origin oils has been merged together. These oils, carefully sought out from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world, are proven to have the highest skincare efficacy. Utlime8 cleansing oil effortlessly removes all make-up and impurities.
1. take 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil onto the palms of hands.
2. gently smooth over the face.
3. wet face to emulsify cleansing oil.
4. rinse thoroughly with water.
Shop the NEW La Maison du Chocolat Collection at Shu Uemura. Get FREE shipping on orders over $50.00 from Shu Uemura.
Overall Assessment: This is just such a beautiful holiday collection, and if you are looking for a little something special for the holiday season, take a look at this collection– it is definitely covet-worthy!

Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.
Available from Shu Uemura USA and Shu Uemura Canada (Affiliate Links).
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  1. OMG, Helen, what an embarrassment of riches from Shu Uemura! have been to La Maison du Chocolat on Madison Avenue (I couldn't afford to buy anything!) and their confections were beyond luxe! The Shu palettes are a perfect riff on their chocolates! And I am absolutely salivating over so many of the gorgeous lipsticks. Wow

    1. I know, isn't this luscious and so indulgent! It is a truly exceptional collection, and absolutely one of the few collections to have captured my attention this season! everything about it is perfect! I think that you would really love everything here!

  2. The gold and plummy brows are right up my alley! Beautiful for fall.

    1. Mine too, and I agree that they are perfect for fall.

  3. I'd love those two eyeshadow palettes and wouldn't be able to pick just one. They look like they'd love living in my collection (and vice versa).

    1. I know what you mean. I really love the one that I have, and am tempted by the other! As you know, the quality is outstanding with Shu!

  4. The shades are really pigmented! Great swatches

    1. Thanks, Kath. I agree, the pigmentation is so impressive.

  5. What a gorgeous palette - I'm obsessed! These are my kinds of colors.

    1. It really is stunning. I haven't stopped using it since I opened it. It's my new favorite palette! They are my kind of colors as well.

  6. It's all so lovely! I too have a special place in my heart for Shu Uemura, they made my favorite eye shadow quad of all time and their blushes are beauties!

    1. Isn't it amazing?! Shu really does make very special products, and I am not at all surprised that you hold a special place in your heart for their products as well.

  7. Everything is so gorgeous! The lip liners are especially interesting.

    1. It really is a gorgeous collection. Yes, the lip liners are very unusual and interesting. They are quite beautiful!

  8. Now that's a collaboration I can really get behind! Everything looks gorgeous, but I'm particularly attracted to the lipsticks. The colors are beautiful and perfect for the season, and the chocolate scent would be a great bonus!

    1. I completely agree, and it is the one collection that I really love this season! The colors are perfect for the season, as you say, and the textures and overall quality is truly extraordinary! I LOVE this collaboration!

  9. These are all gorgeous products. That palette and the Deep Cranberry lipstick are calling my name!

    1. They really are gorgeous! The palette is extraordinary, and Deep Cranberry is definitely a stunning shade! The whole collection is absolutely perfect for the holidays!


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