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Fall and Winter Skincare Tips for Happy Skin

Now that the cooler season has officially arrived, it is time to revamp our skincare routines in order to keep our skin balanced, nourished and hydrated. The colder weather coupled with the extremes in temperature that can wreak havoc on the condition of  the skin.

Don't make the assumption that what you used on your skin during the warmer months of the year will to be a good fit for the needs of your skin as the weather cools down. This is particularly true if you live in a region with bitter cold winters. Really listen to the needs of your skin.

Here is a list of a few things that you can do to pamper yourself while protecting your largest organ:

1) Exfoliate, but don't overdo it. It's important to remove dead skin cells so that your skincare products can penetrate more easily and more deeply, and therefore be far more effective. Over-exfoliating should be avoided as it leads to thinning of the skin, not to mention unnecessarily irritating it, and making it much more vulnerable to the elements. Appropriately exfoliated skin will also allow you to use less of your skincare products-- thus making it more economical as well.

2) Add a moisture or hydration rich serum into your beauty routine. You don't have to spend a fortune either. Something as simple as adding Hyaluronic Acid to your moisturizer, or before you apply your moisturizer, will really bolster your hydration level.

3) Consider adding oils into your beauty routine. Oils are such a great moisture delivery system, and while they aren't for everyone-- they are the gold standard for many people (myself included). There are so many different face oils to choose from on the market right now, and they are available from those economically priced to those in the upper tiers of the luxury price range- so they can accommodate every budget.

4) Switch up your cleansers as you would shampoos. During the colder months try to avoid more stripping cleansers because your skin really needs to retain its natural oils. I rotate my cleansers all year round, and I tend to reach for more moisturizing cleansers during the colder months of the year.

5) Remember exposure to indoor heaters followed by outdoor cold air wreaks havoc on your skin- as it is given no time to recover from these extreme conditions (each being extreme in their own right). This is a good time to switch up your moisturizer in favor of something more nourishing and hydrating. I always use a face oil as a serum, applied sparingly, beneath my moisturizer AM and PM. This leaves my skin super hydrated, soft, and with a gorgeous glow.

6) Don't forget your sunscreen- just because it isn't warm outside doesn't mean that the harmful UVA & UVB rays aren't doing damage! In addition to your face, don't forget to protect your ears, neck, chest and hands and any exposed skin.

7) Speaking of your neck, chest and hands-- don't forget to moisturize them!! They will bare the brunt of much of your exposure to the elements, and will likely age at a more rapid pace than your face-- in large part because we often neglect them. Do to these areas what you do to your face–otherwise your neck, chest and hands will sustain more damage and appear more aged than your face. Use richer creams specifically targeted for these areas, or just something richer and more emollient than you might normally use.

8) Consider a nighttime serum to help reverse environmental damage. Nighttime is when your skin naturally goes into repair mode– so giving it a little help can go a long way. Many active serums contain ingredients that cause photo-sensitivity, and for that reason alone should never be used during the day.  It's also important to use a high SPF sunscreen during the day when you add such products into your routine. When in doubt, consult your doctor or dermatologist-- I do that all of the time!! Sometimes a little spot on the face may actually be precancerous, or worse yet cancer. Therefore, before taking it upon yourself to treat pesky spots with over-the-counter products, consult with your doctor. One can do far more damage than good when applying cosmetic and cosmeceutical products unwittingly to cancerous or precancerous lesions or spots. When in doubt- go see a dermatologist, seriously. Your doctor can also look over the ingredients in your serum and tell you whether or not they should be avoided.

9) Don't forget your delicate eye area- and it may require a slightly richer eye cream during the colder months. This is tricky for me since rich eye creams often give me milia- so I tend to look for moisture rich eye creams that are lighter in texture, rather than thick dense ones that generally cause me so much trouble.

10) Don't forget about your lips! You may want to exfoliate your lips periodically, but be sure to do it gently. They will need more moisture than usual- especially if you plan to partake in some of the seasons on trend lipsticks. My trick is to always apply just a small dab of lip balm under all of my lip products. This locks in moisture, and when applied sparingly functions as an effective lip primer.

11) Haircare– This is a good time to use a clarifying shampoo to remove all product build-up, and then use your favorite deep conditioner or mask to keep your hair happy and conditioned during the colder weather.

12) This is also a good time to exfoliate your body, and perhaps to switch from lighter lotions to richer ones. I like to exfoliate my skin, and then with my skin still slightly damp I apply an emollient rich body oil sparingly. You will be surprised just how quickly it is absorbed when your skin is still warm and damp- plus it's a great trick to use less product. They come in all price ranges- so there really is something for everyone. I am thoroughly obsessed with body oils and I find them to be a very effective and pleasant way of delivering superb hydration to the skin. If your skin still needs more moisture- add your favorite body butter or moisturizer on top, and you will immediately see and feel the difference!

What are your skincare and hair tricks for the cooler months of the year?
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  1. I've been using a sample of Rosso Olio that you have mentioned several times during this chilly transitional season, and it is lovely. I am so happy that I got another sample but this time the Jasmine Neroli, I think, in my Barneys fall beauty bag!

    1. I LOVE Rodin Olio Lusso so much! I bought full-size bottles of the Jasmin Neroli (my second bottle) and the Geranium (my first bottle), and both make me very happy! I am so glad that you have used a few samples!

  2. Why does it have to be winter coming on? For someone who lives in Michigan I should be used to it but I'm not. I've started switching but will do more as time goes on. I never used to use SPF in the winter but luckily I learned to do so.

    1. I know, it is happening so fast! SPF all year long is probably the single most important skincare tip that each of us needs to adhere to!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Cindy! What are your favorite skincare tips that you live by?

  4. So many great tips! I changed up my moisturizer to a better hydrating one for Fall and I can already tell a difference!

    1. Thanks! Changing up your moisturizer is such an effective way to greet the new season!

  5. It's very important to use sunscreen through the year. A lesson I learnt only recently :(

  6. This is such a perfect list. I just did a product purge / switch out and have added in heavier moisturizers as it's barely fall and I'm already getting drier.

    1. Thank you, Bailey! I am in the midst of yet another skincare and makeup purge, as well! Well, your fall is far more intense than my fall, and I know that I need a richer moisturizer already– so I can only imagine that you do!


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