Monday, April 2, 2018


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NEW TATCHA Beautyberry Lip Trio ($88.00 Limited Edition. Limited to 1 per household): A limited edition lip trio featuring a bold yet restrained, quietly elegant shade; a berry-red with hints of purple undertones that looks beautiful on any skin tone. This collection is inspired by the Japanese Beautyberry, a botanical prized for its richly colored berries and packed with antioxidants. Silk and Japanese Beautyberry extracts nourish and hydrate lips, while 23-karat gold adds a touch of glamour.

TATCHA Beautyberry Lip Trio set includes:

Beautyberry Lip Liner: - 3.5 g | 0.1 oz
This creamy pencil glides on easily to provide shape and definition to lips. It pairs perfectly with the Silk Lipstick to enhance its color and wear, or can be worn alone with the Lip Balm for a more subtle look.

Beautyberry Silk Lipstick: - 3.5 g | 0.1 oz
This jewel-toned berry hue with a satin finish lights up any complexion. More than just a lipstick, together our custom-made case and formula are an homage to Kyoto’s craftsmanship.

Beautyberry Camellia Lip Balm: - 7g | 0.24 oz.
This luxurious lip balm appears as a deceptively deep purple in the jar, but when applied lends a gorgeous berry tint that is the perfect wash of color. Rich in Camellia Oil, it leaves lips looking plump and nourished with a subtle shine.


  1. Could not stop my fingers from ordering this. Anxiously awaiting receipt. Have you tried it?

    1. Hi Cindy, I can certainly see why your fingers could not be stopped– this is such a stunning trio! Have have not yet tried it, but am giving some serious thought to purchasing it!


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