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Gurunanda Pure Essential Oils Wall Plug-In Diffuser | Review

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I have quite a number of essential oil diffusers in my house, but I have largely restricted their use to bathrooms whose doors remain shut at all times. Since many essential oils are incompatible with felines, and can cause them serious health issues, I only enjoy them in my bathrooms. This is perfect, however, when I am showering, bathing or getting ready in the morning (without my feline friends). All of my other diffusers require water in the basin that is sprinkled with essential oils, whereas the ingenious Gurunanda Pure Essential Oils Wall Plug-In Diffuser plugs directly into the wall, or into any USB port. You simply attach a bottle of Gurunanda Essential Oils (sold separately) and then plug it in.
According to Gurunanda,

GuruNanda Natural Mist™ is a USB powered Essential Oil Diffuser that sprays 100% Pure Essential Oil Mist. It's time to opt for natural products to freshen the air in your home.

Enjoy 100% Pure, Chemical-Free Essential Oil Aroma Notes In Your Home and Office Spaces.  

Add Your Favorite Essential Oils To The GuruNanda USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser For A Natural Air Freshener With Pure Therapeutic Grade Plant Essential Oils.

The First of Its Kind, This Plug-In Diffuser Will Have You Breathing In Natural Aromas From Botanical Gardens Around the World.
The diffuser base features an on/off button that boasts additional functionality:
• The blue light releases a couple of puffs of essential oils every 10 minutes
• The green light releases a couple of puffs of essential oils every 20 minutes

1 USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser
1 USB Wall Adaptor
1 User Manual

No Water Required.
Diffuse Essential Oils Directly From Bottle.
Two Spritz Modes - Every 10 Minutes or Every 20 Minutes.
 Directions: After Opening ANY GuruNanda Essential Oil Bottle, follow the following steps:

1. Fit It into your "Natura Mist". Be sure to take off the plastic dripper plug and then, screw the bottle in.
2. Plug It into a USB port or plug into the USB adapter and plug into a wall outlet.
3. Mist It every 10 minutes by pressing the button once and every 20 minutes by pressing the button twice.
Overall Assessment: These are also very handy if you do a lot of traveling and want to bring a diffuser with you. I really like this diffuser so much that I might have to get another one for my guest bathroom.

Diffuser $19.99 from Gurunanda (Essential Oils sold separately) (Unaffiliated Links).
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  1. I need the Lemon oil for this and then it would be perfect for me. I like this in a bathroom too since it helps with those "natural" odors.

    1. The Lemon oil is really delectable, and so refreshing. It's perfect in the bathroom!

  2. I really think I need this in my life!

  3. Replies
    1. I am so glad that you love yours as well, Allison! This diffuser now gets the most use in my house!

  4. I love this idea of a convenient and compact diffuser!

  5. I have a bid diffuser, but I would love a plug-in for my bedroom--I wake up with a stuffy nose everyday and I think this would help.

    1. This is a great choice for the bedroom! I think that you would find it quite pleasant and effective!


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