Friday, February 16, 2018

Delilah, The Foot Warmer

The other day I received a very sweet email from a longtime reader, and in addition to wanting my take on several skincare products, she made the request that I feature my four-legged family members more often. She extolled the virtues of awakening to pictures of happy kitties and pups, and reminded me how much joy these types of posts offer people.
I realized that it really had been a very long time since I had featured our cats or dogs, and I was waiting for the perfect moment to present itself. Well, that moment happened yesterday morning when I was reading. I settled into a very comfortable position and lost myself in an article, and then I noticed that my bare feet had become toasty warm and slightly weighed down.
Initially I hadn't even noticed that Delilah had joined me because I was immersed in what I was reading, but as soon as I took note I stopped reading and cooed over her. This was all she needed for alert open eyes to give way to the heavy-lidded variety that precede a deep slumber. In addition to warming my heart, she warmed my feet– and that is certainly a wonderful way to start the day.


  1. I don't think I remembered you had a dog. I thought it was just cats. I love her sweet face.

    1. We actually have two dogs, Delilah and Lucy. I love her sweet face, too– she is such a good girl with such a sweet heart!


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