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LiveGlam KissMe and MorpheMe Monthly Beauty Subscriptions: November 2017 #LiveGlam #MorphMe #KissMe

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LiveGlam KissMe and MorpheMe Monthly Beauty Subscriptions feature an affordable way to increase your lipstick, lip gloss and makeup brush collection– delivered right to your door for $19.99 each per month. According to LiveGlam, "We're like your makeup bestie, bringing you a dose of glam every month! Whether you wanna brush up your kit, find your next favorite lipstick, or get your hands on new nail polishes- we’ve got ya covered!"

Their KissMe and MorpheMe monthly subscriptions give you a nice high quality full-size products at an affordable price.

KissMe Lipstick Club ($19.99 a month for 3 lippies from LiveGlam): Each month you will receive three long-lasting lippies! Ranging from dark shades to nudes, brights and pastels with finishes that are metallic, matte and glossy. Their lip products are cruelty-free and vegan.
About the KissMe Lipstick Club,

If having the perfect pout is more your style, our monthly liquid lipstick club will keep you covered in our very own kiss-proof formula. Members get 3 new long-lasting, exclusive vegan shades each month ranging from darks, bolds, nudes, metallics and more!

Step outside your comfort zone and discover a color you never knew you’d love! Our long-lasting formula will glide through your morning and even outlast your lunch. Each month is a new exciting theme that brings you new beautiful lippies at an affordable price! Plus you get free shipping in the US and $3.99 anywhere else in the world. Your lippies also come with Reward points to use on free makeup or other goodies! You can cancel, skip, or even trade your next set in for something new! It’s that simple.
The November KissMe Lipstick Beauty Subscription contains three beautiful matte liquid lipsticks. These shades, Girlfriend, Bae and Soulmate, are true mattes, but they don't dry out my lips at all.
I do not find them drying, they are very long-lasting, and they offer full opaque coverage, serious pigmentation, and they neither bleed into lip lines, nor do they migrate. They are comfortable on the lips, but they lack the emollience of non-matte formulas, and once they dry down they don't budge. If you have particularly dry lips, you might want to wear a light layer of lip balm underneath. 
Girlfriend is described as a vibrant matte fuchsia  
Bae is a peach-toned nude matte liquid lipstick
Soulmate is a lavender matte liquid lipstick
MorpheMe Brush Club (Get 3-8 MorpheMe brushes each month for $19.99 from LiveGlam): Each month you will receive between 3-8 makeup brushes that are high quality, durable and that effectively apply, blend and buff your favorite makeup.

About the MorpheMe Brush Club,

For those of you wanting to brush up your makeup kit, we've partnered with Morphe brushes to create the world's first makeup brush club! Each month members get 3-8 brushes including powder, contour, foundation, liner, and eyeshadow brushes. Never the same brush twice!

Every makeup addict knows how important their tools are. Don’t let your creativity be limited by your makeup kit. Get quality brushes at an affordable price delivered to you each month.

Every month you'll get anywhere from 3-8 new Morphe brushes. Soon you'll be rolling in new Powder, Liner, Contour, Eyeshadow, & Foundation Brushes + more! Never the same brush twice.

MorpheMe Friends Giving November Brush Set ($19.99 from LiveGlam): includes the following 3 brushes (shown above, left to right): E41 Round Deluxe Powder Brush, E28 Round Blender Brush and E19 Pointed Lip Brush.
MorpheMe E41 Round Deluxe Powder Brush: This deluxe size powder brush is quite large, unbelievably soft and fluffy and it feels fantastic against the skin. It is prefect for buffing powders for a flawless finish.
MorpheMe E28 Round Blender Brush: This is a wonderful multi-purpose eyeshadow brush that is a very effective fab blender that is also great for crease work.
MorpheMe E19 Pointed Lip Brush: The shape of this pointed brush makes easy work of defining and filling in the lips with your favorite lipsticks.

Overall Assessment: If you are looking to try out some pretty new lippies and brushes affordably, then it is definitely worth trying LiveGlam's monthly subscriptions, and they also have one for people with a penchant for nail polish!

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  1. I believe I have heard about the Morphe subscription lately, but I'm not familiar with LiveGlam. I also think I heard that Morphe is going to be sold at Ulta which is very interesting to me!

    1. That will be a great addition to Ulta! I think that you would really like their products!

  2. These subscription boxes are new to me!

  3. If I didn't own a zillion brushes I'd subscribe to Morphe's bag. I've been intrigued by it and you make it sound so good.

    1. I know just what you mean, Marcia! If, at some point, you are looking to try some other brushes, then I definitely recommend giving them a try!

  4. Very cool! These are 2 I've never seen before. I'm a lipstick addict so that would the one I'd consider trying.

    1. They are definitely worth checking out, and their prices are really affordable!

  5. I like finding new liquid lipsticks to try. I will look into this brand

  6. I love all 3 of those lip colors.

  7. I love the idea of both of these! I don't really need three lipsticks a month, but those look so good.

    1. Me too, and they are so much fun, and they are affordable!


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