Friday, September 29, 2017

Empties Post Volume LVII: August and September 2017

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I was so busy in August and September that I barely had time to think about my Empties post, and therefore combined the two months together. As you can clearly see from the products that I used, the majority of the products that I finished were the products that I used in the shower. Other than that, I finished up a couple of deodorants, a body oil and some perfume samples. However, the one thing that I endeavored to do was to throw away really old makeup that was no longer suitable for use. Here's what made it into the recycle bin:

Vermont Soap Sweet Orange Bar Soap ($6.98 for 3.25 oz. from Vermont Soap): This delectable natural soap leaves the skin soft, supple and hydrated. The creamy lather is non-stripping, and perfectly suited for shaving legs and underarms. The aroma is a sunny, sweet orange that invigorates and refreshes the skin and the senses. Would I purchase a replacement? Definitely, but I have a drawer filled with soaps– so I won't need to buy any for quite a while.

Dove White Beauty Bar ($2.99-$12.99 for 2-14 bar packs from TargetWalgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond): This gentle, creamy cleansing bar contains ¼ moisturizing cream that leaves skin soft smooth and very clean. Would I purchase a replacement? Absolutely, but I have quite a few bars to finish first.

Dove Pink Beauty Bar ($2.99-$12.99 for 2-14 bar packs from TargetWalgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond): This creamy soap contains ¼ moisturizing cream to help make skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It doesn't strip skin in the least, nor does it leave it taut. Would I purchase a replacement? Absolutely, but I have quite a few bars to finish first.

Reverie Farms Citrus Lavender Natural Soap ( $6.00 for a 4 oz. bar from Reverie Farms): Reverie Farms, a small company that makes biodegradable, eco-friendly bar soaps that are crafted with natural and organically grown ingredients that are free of fillers, artificial ingredients or synthetic colors and fragrances. This soap smells absolutely heavenly! It has a rich lather, but it is non-stripping thanks to the saponified oils used. Furthermore, it leaves behind no greasy residue, whatsoever. Would I purchase a replacement? Absolutely, but I have quite a few bars to finish first.

The Body Shop Hemp Soap on a Rope (Regularly $12.00 from The Body Shop): This non-drying soap effectively removes dead skin cells without stripping the skin, and it leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated. It is enriched with Hemp Seed Oil and Shea Butter– making it a wonderful choice for dry skin in need of added moisture.  It has a warm earthy scent that is neither overpowering, nor does the aroma linger on the skin for a long period of time. Would I purchase a replacement? Definitely.
ColorProof SuperRich Moisture Shampoo (Available in 2 oz., 10.1 oz. and 25.4 oz. from Salons): Finding a non-stripping and nourishing shampoo that is gentle and hydrating on color treated hair is always a challenge, but when you add natural curly hair into the mix– this becomes a real imperative. ColorProof SuperRich Moisture Shampoo adds lightweight moisture to the hair while effectively cleansing it, and it leaves hair soft and shiny. It has a light aroma that nearly resembles a warm, creamy coconut, but is is neither cloying, nor does it linger. Would I purchase a replacement? Yes, but I have a lot of shampoos to use up before purchasing another one.
StriVectin HAIR Shampoo for Color Treated Hair ($23.00 for 8.5 oz. from NordstromUltaSephora, and Macy's): This pleasantly scented shampoo boasts a sulfate-free and dye-free formula that is gentle enough to use daily without stripping the hair or causing color to fade. While I don't wash my hair daily, because it is naturally dry and  curly, I could if I wanted to. This shampoo works very well for my hair because it gently removes all product build-up and leaves my hair soft and shiny. Would I purchase a replacement? I really liked this shampoo a lot, but am interested in trying one of their newest shampoos next time. That said, this was really great for my color-treated hair.

StriVectin HAIR UV Spray for Color Treated Hair ($29.00 for 5 oz. from UltaSephora and Macy's): Not only does this spray offer UV protection, that helps preserve color and protect the hair, but it also smoothes and hydrates hair. It boasts an antioxidant-rich formula that protects against free-radical damage, and its emollience serves as an effective detangler. Would I purchase a replacement? Yes, definitely!
Dove Cucumber & Green Tea Foaming Body Wash ($5.99 for 13.5 oz. from TargetWalmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond): I love the texture of this creamy foam, and the aroma is absolutely delicious. If you love foaming body washes, then I highly recommend trying this refreshing treat. Would I purchase a replacement? Absolutely!

Vermont Soap Castile Liquid Soap with Aloe & Olive Oil in Country Lavender ($6.96 for 8 oz. from Vermont Soap): This has such a beautiful lavender aroma that lingers in the air, makes your house smell like Province, and it leaves you with a sense of wellbeing. This is a fantastic, eco-friendly multi-purpose liquid soap that can be used for the hands and body, but you can also use it for dishes, floors, walls, laundry, bathrooms, cars, or diluted in a spray bottle to clean up just about anything. Would I purchase a replacement? Definitely!

Dr. Canuso Daily Exfoliating Cleanser ($29.95 from Dr. Canuso): This is an amazing daily exfoliator that is specifically formulated for daily use on feet. Dr. Canuso makes the very important point that one should clean the shower floor with bleach in order to kill fungus that gets transferred to our feet, and this often neglected step with go a long way to eradicating foot fungus that one often associates with the gym, and not the home. With daily use, I quickly noted that my winter-worn calloused feet became soft and callous-free. While I do not have signs of foot fungus, I definitely noted a vast improvement in the condition of my feet. Would I purchase a replacement? Definitely, in fact I have already opened another tube!
Frownies Immune Shield Vitamin E Serum ($32,00 for 66ml. from Frownies, Walgreens and StrawberryNet): This multipurpose oil-based serum can be used on the face to nourish and moisturize, heal blemishes, and give skin a dewy radiance. Furthermore, it can be used on the body to nourish the skin, but its high concentration also helps to heal scars and stretch marks. It is a mid-weight oil that sinks into warm, damp skin quickly and it nourishes and hydrates the skin very effectively. It smells like Vitamin E, but its natural aroma fades after its absorbed not the skin. It is wonderful when used alone on the face and body, but my favored method is to mix it with Aroma Therapy Daily Body Lotion and to use it on my body. This combination is deeply nourishing, and it leaves skin unbelievably soft, silky smooth, moisturized and luminous. Would I purchase a replacement? I definitely liked it enough to use it again, but I have far too many body oils to use before purchasing another one.

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Grapefruit ($14.00 for 1.7 oz. from LAVANILASephora and Dermstore): I am a longstanding proponent of healthier deodorants, and have been using them since I was a teenager. Though I have occasionally used mainstream deodorants, I do prefer to avoid the chemicals. LAVANILA makes wonderful healthy deodorants that are effective and smell wonderful (though they also make an unscented variant for sensitive skin). Their Vanilla Grapefruit scent is probably my favorite because it smells utterly scrumptious, and offers long-lasting protection. Would I purchase a replacement? Without question. This is one of my holy grail deodorants

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla ($14.00 for 1.7 oz. from LAVANILASephora and Dermstore): I am thoroughly obsessed with the warm and creamy aroma of this deodorant, and think that it may just be my favorite scent among the LAVANILA Healthy Deodorants. Would I purchase a replacement? YES!
PediSpa Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask ($9.99 for two pairs from Target): is an ultra-hydrating foot mask that noticeably softens and moisturizes parched feet, and aids in the repair of cracked and calloused skin. Used in conjunction with the PediSpa Exfoliating Foot Mask, this mighty duo makes feet pedicure and sandal-ready in no-time. Would I purchase a replacement? I still have a few masks left, and will likely purchase another box when I run out.

Global Beauty Care Green Tea Makeup Remover Wipes (Full Size. Retail $1.99): I can never have too many makeup remover wipes– both for normal use– and for the veritable swatch-fests in which I engage regularly! I haven't tried these, but they have a nice and clean green tea scent that I like.  Would I purchase a replacement? I liked these a lot, and would definitely reuse them in the future, but right now I have a lot of makeup remover wipes to use up first.

YUNI Beauty Sweat, Refresh, Go Kit is the perfect kit to toss in your gym bag. It contains four of Yuni's best-selling natural products that are perfect for people on the go who don't have a chance to shower after a trip to the gym, yoga or pilates studio. The four portable products come in a small canvas cosmetic bag that is perfect for your gym or travel bag. I used up the two Shower Sheets while traveling, and think that they were absolutely great! You simply use them as you would a washcloth by gently wiping the Shower Sheet across skin to cleanse and refresh. They are great after a long flight or drive when you don't yet have access to a shower.

Assorted Savvy Travelers Wipes:

In the Klear ($10.00 for 10 wipes from Savvy TravelersSavvy Travelers Amazon Store and Nordstrom): In the Klear wipes are lint-free, and therefore perfect for cleaning the lens on your phone, camera, screens and glasses.

Lift Offz ($10.00 for 10 wipes from Savvy Travelers): These are individually wrapped nail polish removers.

Speak Eazy ($2.50-$10.00 from Savvy Travelers): These are breath freshening wipes that can also clean food from your teeth– what a clever idea!

Klean Upz ($10.00 for 10 wipes from Savvy Travelers and Nordstrom): These are very convenient hand wipes that keep your hands clean and moisturized. I always carry a couple packets in my purse! Would I purchase a replacement? I still have quite a few of each of their wipes, but I would definitely buy more for traveling.
Assorted Perfume Samples: While I love testing out perfume samples, in the hopes of discovering an amazing must-have fragrance, I didn't love the way that any of these smelled on me.
Tossed out: As you may recall from my feature on When to Toss Your Old Makeup, I have been in the midst of throwing away old makeup that I deem no longer usable. I have been ruthlessly going through drawers and carefully checking for changes in smell, texture and consistency, and if things no longer seem right I throw away the contents and recycle the packaging. All of these things featured here either smelled weird, now had strange textures, or had hardened. Some of these things are very old, and I just didn't feel comfortable using them any longer. You will note, for instance, that there are five Bobbi Brown eye shadow singles from back when they made round screw-top lids, and among them are the originals that came without clear see-through lids!
What did you use up, giveaway, toss out or return in August and September? Were there any real hits or misses to report?

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  1. Holy moly, what a huge empties post! I used to love the pink dove bar back in the day. I really want to try their new shower foam though.

    1. I love all of the Dove bars, but the new shower foam is one of my favorite shower washes!

  2. I donated, purged, tossed so many makeups in the past months as part of minimalism goal this year. Congrats on finishing up, it's a huge feat definitely, twinsy!

    1. I am getting vicarious pleasure in knowing that you have ben purging as well, twinsy! It feels so good to purge things that you know you either won't use, or that are no longer able to be used. I am definitely trying to do the same thing beyond just makeup and skincare, but I am going through the whole house and garage to get rid of things that are no longer in use!

  3. My mouth dropped when I saw the tosses but I did the same thing before I moved. But your empties are incredible. I can't imagine finishing this much even in 6 months.
    I didn't save my Savvy Travelers empties, I just couldn't stand the mess when my garbage can gets hungry.

    1. I definitely tossed a lot. I wish that these things had still been good so that I could have either used them or given them away, but they were definitely too old and icky to give away. Your pre and post move purge really helped motivate me to do the same. I remember you saying that you had tossed bags and bags of stuff, and I knew that I had things that had changed consistency or started to smell funny, or just slightly off– so I knew it was time to do it. My empties were mostly things that were in the shower, and those are particularly easy to use up. I think that next month I will probably have more skincare products since I am getting close to finishing up several skincare items. I know what you mean about the Savvy Travelers packaging- it's quite easy to just toss immediately. I just toss everything that I finish in a bag in a closet, and don't think about what's in it until the end of the month when I pull it out to take pictures and then toss in the recycle bin.

  4. You are DEAD SERIOUS about your empties! That's so impressive!

    1. I am really trying hard to finish up the things that I open– otherwise I feel so wasteful.

  5. You got through so much stuff, I'm impressed!

    1. I am really trying my best to use up all of those open, half-used, products.

  6. Wow! You used up some really amazing products. I need to do a empties post soon!

    1. I am really making a concerted effort each month to use up all of those half empty products that are crowding all of my drawers and cabinets! It feels so good dumping all of those empty containers in the recycle bin! I hope that you do a post, because I love reading empties posts!

  7. Every time I see your empties posts with all the soaps and body washes, I feel like there is something wrong with me. Maybe it's the difference in weather and you Californians shower twice a day......but I could not use that much soap in a month personally.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I don't actually use up that many full size products in their entirety each month. I hone in on finishing mostly used up products– so some of them have very little left in them the month that I seek to finish them. I also do especially well with soaps and body washes because I gather up a bunch that need to be finished, and then I place them in my shower, and once they make it to the shower they are fair game. Therefore, my husband freely uses the products that he likes that take up permanent residence in the shower.


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