Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Terranova Patchouli Glycerin Soap | Review

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If you want to go retro 1970s, then Terranova's Patchouli Glycerin Soap is the perfect way to ring in Earth Day! This glycerin soap thoroughly cleans the skin with out any stripping, and in fact I find that it softens and hydrates my skin. 

If you are not a fan of Patchouli, I will tell you that this isn't a cloying and pungent version in the least bit. In fact, I find it quite pleasant. That said, Patchouli seldom elicits neutral responses– therefore if you have an aversion to its essence, then you might want to try Terranova's Pikake Pure Glycerin Soap or their Gardenia Pure Glycerin Soap instead. I have yet to try those two, but they are definitely on my list!
According to Terranova,

This 100% vegetable-based bar contains a high percentage of moisturizing glycerin to cleanse without drying or irritating. Pairs perfectly with our ever-popular Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume! Chunky rectangular shape. Clear cello wrapped.

TerraNova® continues with their tradition of peace, love and happy scents with the introduction of their pure Patchouli Glycerin Soap Bar formulated with a 100% vegan base and Traditions Patchouli Essential Oil which was made popular during TerraNova's inception in Berkeley, CA and the height of the hippie movement in 1970.
Overall Assessment: I absolutely love this formula, and cannot wait to try their Gardenia and Pikake Glycerin soaps next!

$5.75 for 4.5 oz. from Terranova (Unaffiliated Links).
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