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Province Apothecary Picks for Earth Month

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If aromatherapeutic skincare products, that evoke a lovely day spent in the South of France amid fields of wild lavender, gives you joy, then Province Apothecary is a wonderful line that you really must experience firsthand. Their handcrafted lovingly made products, and gorgeous cobalt blue bottles, unequivocally delight the senses.

Given that it is Earth Month, it is the perfect time to add more eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products into your beauty/wellness routine, and I wanted to share my current loves from Province Apothecary.

About Province Apothecary,

Province Apothecary was founded by Halifax native Julie Clark in 2012. Julie is a holistic aesthetician and aromatherapist who began studying Holistic Health and Aromatherapy in 2010, after years of making custom products for herself and her friends. Province Apothecary handcrafts their products with a unique blend of plant based, synthetic-free ingredients, sourced from small Canadian companies. All of their products are free of petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances + chemicals, dyes, pesticides and GMOs.
Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum ($36.00 for 1 oz. from Province Apothecary, Whole Foods Market, The Detox Market, Credo Beauty and Well.ca): This oil-based brow serum is an ultra-nourishing blend of antioxidant-rich active botanicals that condition brows, strengthen the hair and encourage growth. It has a warm and earthy aroma that is a treat to the senses.

According to Province Apothecary,

Our Full Brow serum is specifically blended with powerful and active pure botanical extracts and anti-oxidants to help fortify hair and encourage fuller looking brows. The nutritive blend of Organic Castor Seed Oil and Coffee Extract target hair follicles, while Organic Rosemary Leaf has been used for centuries to improve hair lustre and promote the appearance of richer brows.  Use twice daily to achieve stronger, healthy looking eyebrows.

Directions: Use morning and night for best results. Shake Well. After cleansing, massage 1-2 drops of serum into dampened eyebrows for 10-20 seconds to ensure deep absorption. Wait 5-10 minutes before carrying on with your beauty routine. Not meant for use on eye lashes.

Ingredients: Castor Seed Oil*, Argan Kernel Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil* [infused with Coffee*, Burdock Root*, Calendula flower*, Horsetail*], Broccoli Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract + Oil*, Lavender*, Geranium Oil*, Bay Oil. *certified Organic/certifié Biologique.

Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser and Makeup Remover ($20.00 for 30 ml from Province Apothecary, Whole Foods Market, The Detox MarketCredo Beauty and Well.ca): is a glorious deeply hydrating essential oil based cleanser and makeup remover that elevates the mood while removing every trace of makeup. It neither strips the skin, nor does it leave behind a greasy film. It makes me deliriously happy each time that I use this beautiful product, and I love to deeply inhale warm aroma, that is punctuated by lavender, each time that I use it because it is so calming and pleasant.

According to Province Apothecary,

Our Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover with Avocado & Raspberry Oil is great for all skin types. These hydrating oils remove make up & excess oil, restoring your skin’s natural radiance while gently cleansing without over-drying your skin or destroying its natural pH. Raspberry Oil stimulates cell turnover, rejuvenating skin. Bergamot Oil clears congestion. Frankincense tones the skin. Lavender heals blemishes and works as a restorative. This essential oil blend calms, reduces stress, and relaxes your parasympathetic nervous system. Our cleanser helps your skin stay nourished, balanced, and healthy. Also available unscented.

Directions: "Use nightly to remove make-up and dirt. Warm oil in your palm. Massage into face and neck in a circular motion. Remove cleanser off with a damp face cloth. For best results, follow with Province Apothecary Toner."

Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil*,  Jojoba oil*, Avocado oil*, Evening Primrose oil*, Raspberry Seed oil*, GMO-free Vitamin E, Rosemary leaf extract, and therapeutic essential oils of: Bergamot, Lavender*, Frankincense* and Petit grain. *Certified organic ingredient. Our Bergamot is Bergamotene-free (not photo-toxic).

Province Apothecary Radiant Body Oil ($28.00 from Province Apothecary, Whole Foods Market, The Detox Market, Credo Beauty and Well.ca): This body oil is an ultra-luxe blend of Argan & Black Cumin that leaves the skin exceedingly hydrated, soft, supple and nourished. The aromatic blend of geranium, clary sage, lavender and frankincense essential oils delight the senses while boosting circulation and detoxifying the body.

According to Province Apothecary,

An alluring body oil ideal for all skin types, our blend of beautiful plant-based essential oils quickly absorb deep into the skin to effectively nourish and soften, boost cellular circulation, and gently detoxify the body. The light and invigorating botanical fragrance will enliven and empower your spirit, leaving you balanced and revitalized.

Directions: After showering or bathing, massage into damp skin using upwards circular motions. Allow a few minutes to absorb thoroughly. For areas of extreme dryness, follow with Province Apothecary Rescue Balm.

Ingredients: Safflower oil*, Argan Kernel oil*, Camellia Seed oil*, Avocado oil*, Jojoba Seed oil*, Extra Virgin Olive oil* [infused with Calendula officinalis flowers*], Rose Hip Seed oil*, Pomegranate Seed oil, Broccoli Seed oil*, Black Cumin Seed oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary leaf extract, Geranium, Clary Sage, Lavender*, Frankincense*, Cypress, Myrrh, Juniper*. *Certified organic ingredient.

Province Apothecary Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum ($26.00 for 7 ml $76.00 for 30ml.. from Province Apothecary, Whole Foods Market, The Detox Market, Credo Beauty and Well.ca): this lightweight and fast absorbing oil-based face serum deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, reduced inflammation and irritation and balances the skin. It leaves skin soft, smooth, supple and luminous. It has a light pleasant aroma that fades soon upon absorption.

According to Province Apothecary,

Our Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum with Neroli & Frankincense is great for all skin types:  dry, normal, combination, oily, and mature skin. It replenishes your skin’s health while hydrating and stimulating skin on a cellular level. High in antioxidants, Neroli and Frankincense reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone. Jojoba balances skin’s sebum production, controlling shine and congestion. German Chamomile and Rose soothe blemishes, redness, and reduce the appearance of scars. Also available unscented.

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil*, Camellia Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Calendula Flower Extract, Borage Oil*, Raspberry Seed Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Neroli Oil, German Chamomile Oil, Frankincense Oil*, Rose Otto Oil, Myrrh Oil. *certified Organic

Directions: Use morning and night. Place 6-12 drops of serum in your palm and add equal parts water; mix together with finger tips. Apply to face & neck in upward, circular motions. Massage the serum into your skin for 10-20 seconds, to ensure deep absorption. Wait 5-10 minutes before applying moisturizer and makeup.
Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator ($40.00 for 4 oz. and $16.00 for 1 oz. from Province Apothecary, Whole Foods Market and Well.ca): is an aromatic powder exfoliating cleanser that one activates by the addition of water. If one prefers a thicker paste simply add less water, or add more if your preference is a lighter and more fluid consistency. Each time that I use this exfoliator I am astounded by the extent to which it deeply cleanses my skin without stripping it, and how it simultaneously leaves my skin baby-bottom soft and smooth. The scent is a mellow lavender that is softened and tempered by the other ingredients. It isn't in the least bit cloying, and won't overpower those sensitive to the intensity of natural essences. Furthermore it is fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

According to Province Apothecary,

Our dry Regenerating + Stimulating exfoliator with Lavender & Green Tea is perfect for all skin types, working to gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Oatmeal calms, softens, and nourishes. Green tea stimulates and rejuvenates, giving you a healthy glow. Lavender calms irritation and heals blemishes. Our dry formula allows you to blend the exfoliator with other natural ingredients depending on what works best for your skin, as the seasons change*. Our exfoliator is biodegradable + safe to use at the cottage or camping.
Directions: "Wet face with lukewarm water. In palm, mix 1 tsp exfoliator & 1 tsp liquid* to make a runny paste. Gently rub onto face and neck in small, circular motions for 1-3 minutes. Rinse off with a damp cloth. Finish with Province Apothecary toner and serum. We suggest exfoliating every 3 days. Be careful not to get water in this product or it will go mouldy.  *Mix with water for a stimulating exfoliation for all skin types; oil or cream for dry or sensitive skin; yogurt for oily skin (deeper aha-type exfoliation); honey for healing (acne) and toning the skin."

Ingredients: Oat Flour*, Lentil Flour*, Flax Seed*, Lavender*, Violet flowers + leaves*, Green Tea Leaf*. *Certified organic ingredient.
Overall Assessment: If you are looking to add more sustainable and healthy skincare products into your beauty routine, then I highly recommend trying Province Apothecary.

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  1. I was recently looking for a hydrating facial serum at WF, and I ended up buying Acure Rosehip Oil but I forgot what a pain it is to have to keep it in the refrigerator. Wish I had seen your Province Apothecary review first coz I would have bought the Hydrating Face Oil instead!

    1. This one is worth trying when you are looking to try another oil, Allison!

  2. I love the look of these. Aromatherapy in skin care makes me happy and that gorgeous cobalt blue packaging! I'd keep it, all after I used up the goodies. :D

    1. I feel exactly the same, and I will definitely reuse these beautiful bottles and jars once I finish up the contents! You should definitely try their products!

  3. What interesting products. Just the picture in my head of the south of France makes these inviting.

    1. They are really lovely, and they definitely evoke this lovely region!

  4. I love how they are packaged, must-try next time.

    1. Me too! You definitely need to try their products, they are such a joy to use!


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