Thursday, February 2, 2017

Barneys New York Purple Card Now-February 5, 2017

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If you are a Barneys New York card holder, then you don't want to miss out on their Purple Card event going on Now-Februaty 5, 2017. For every $250.00 you spend, receive a $25.00 gift card.


  1. Have you heard anything about a beauty bag event for this winter?

    1. I haven't heard yet, but I have been out of town and have hundreds of emails to go through– so it is entirely possible that there is an email about it. I do know that my Space NK gift bag has been sent, and I will be able to release details of their event soon.

    2. Yes, I was contacted by the CSR at SpaceNK but haven't heard from any of them at Barneys as yet. SpaceNK is Valentine's Day.

    3. That is one of the two N.dulge preview dates– not the event day. I can't publish any of the other details yet because they maintain an embargo on information at this point, but as soon as my gift bag arrives I can release the rest of the info! .

    4. Interesting! The local store CSR that contacted me said it was the day for the All Store Event (meaning the bag event). And she sent me a picture of it today. Perhaps they use that particular date because they are doing Tata Harper facials that day.

    5. My guess is that they gave you that date because you are an N.dulge member, and for that reason you are eligible to make your purchases. Also, if they thought that you would be interested in the TH facial they would want to alert you. I don't get my information from the store level, but instead from the people upstairs who inform the stores as well.


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