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Hairstyling Tools and Accessories for Perfectly Styled Tresses

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New Year's Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year when it comes to getting dressed up for parties and merry-making. If you are going out, and are planning on planning on putting some concerted effort into your hair style, then here are a few tools that you might want in your arsenal.
Xtava 5-in-1 Satin Wave Curler ($65.00-$104.45 from Xtava, Walmart and Amazon): If you use a curling iron to achieve anything from loose beachy waves to tight curly ringlets, then you need a good curling iron to do the trick. Whether you seek an updo, a chic top knot or the controlled chaos of a full head of gorgeous tight ringlets, then a versatile curling iron is likely what you seek. The Xtava 5-in-1 Satin Wave Curler has 5 detachable wands of varying sizes that can achieve any of your hair curling needs.

According to Xtava,

Whether you want to wear your hair in tight ringlets or beachy waves, there is a barrel for every curl achievable. Who says you can’t have it all? The Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron lets you style your hair in a variety of ways with just one iron. Each of the interchangeable, ceramic and tourmaline barrels creates every type of silky, frizz-free curl a girl could want.

A curling iron may be a multi-functional hairstyling tool, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a one-size-fits-all kind of tool to have. Luckily, curling irons are becoming much more accommodating since not everyone wants a tool whose single purpose is to give you Todders In Tiaras ringlets.  To wit: size matters. A good rule of thumb is that the wider the barrel, the more waves you’ll be creating than curls.
Directions and Tips:

For tight ringlets: "Choose a barrel size that’s less than an inch wide. The way you wind hair matters too — you want to keep the coils closer together like a wound-up spring. When you release, you’ll see that the hair bounces out like a Slinky, holding the curls tightly. When releasing from the curling iron, hold the curl in place to let it cool for a couple seconds so it sets. Hairspray is key to hold these babies together."

For romantic Jane Austen novel curls: "Generally a one-inch barrel will do the trick for most hair lengths that are shoulder-length and longer. You can still use this for shorter hair but you’ll get less curl crests per section. Keep those hair sections coiled tightly and close together around the barrel for very long hair, since your hair’s length will weigh it down upon release. Separate the curls with fingers and set with a flexible hold hairspray."

For Glamour Waves: "Depending on your hair length you can achieve this with a one-inch or one and a half-inch barrel. The trick with this one is to wrap hair sections all in the same direction and try to coil them the same way to achieve a uniform curl. The key: when you’ve done your whole head, gently brush out the curls with a boar bristle brush to smooth everything into a sheet of undulating Rita Hayworth waves.  For fine hair, give your hair a once over before and after brushing out so you don’t lose too much texture from brushing."

For lived-in textured waves: "Grab your one-inch barrel for this one — larger, if your hair is super long. One make-or-break tactic for perfecting this look is to leave the ends out. Curled ends tend to look much more coiffed and “done.” Using your curling iron or wand, wrap small hair sections, but not coiled closely together. Now this takes a bit of trial and error depending on your hair thickness and length, but generally less than five seconds does the trick. So does alternating the direction you curl. You don’t have to be too on it with allowing the curl to cool and set before releasing since you want it to unfurl a bit."

Xpert Tip: "When you have a head of loose curls, you can use a dry texture spray or rub some styling cream/oil in your hands and run your fingers through the waves to break them up."
– 5 interchangeable ceramic barrels 
– 360° swivel cord (8 ft) 
– 9 heat settings between 250ºF-410ºF 
– Ceramic tourmaline technology
– Includes heat-resistant glove + travel bag
Head Kandy Brush Straightener ($59.99-$84.99 from Head Kandy and Amazon): This is such an innovative design for a hair straightener, and it is so easy to use. The brush paddle is wide enough to cover a wide area of hair, and it cuts down the amount of time that it takes to straighten your tresses.
According to Head Kandy,

The paddle of the brush is wide enough for short hair but also PERFECT for longer lengths as it covers enough of the hair as you brush through to straighten and really eliminate having to run through your hair multiple times as with other tools. in turn eliminating heat damage.

Head Kandy heats up to that coveted 450 degrees that we all know and love so you know your hair will come out beautifully straight and it can also be used for high heat keratin treatments.
Hot Tools Cool Tools 1 ¼ Inch Conditioning Vapor Flat Iron ($59.99-$71.99 from JCPenneyAmazon and Ulta): If you seek a more traditional flat iron to straighten your hair, then the Cool Tools Conditioning Vapor Flat Iron is worth your consideration. It includes its Argan Conditioning Treatment and Thermal Protectant that will leave your hair noticeably soft and protected.
According to Hot Tools,

Smooths and strengthens your hair with a Nano Ceramic® surface that emits far-infrared heat to eliminates frizz. Patented Pulse Technology® restores heat immediately for consistent, even styling. The amazing Argan Conditioning Treatment and Thermal Protectant formula works wonders for your hair.  It is both a conditioning treatment and thermal protectant.
All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa ($52.00 from All Caps Hair and their All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa Official Amazon Page): All Caps is not your grandmother's shower cap by any stretch of the imagination. Not only will this protect your blow-outs or perfectly articulated curls while you are in the shower, but simply reverse it when you are using oil treatments and deep masking/conditioning.

According to All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa:

What if you could take that fabulous, salon-fresh blowout and make it last forever? OK, that’s practically impossible, but a solid week will do, right? Dodge the shower droplets, hide from the humidity and wake up like a sleeping beauty with a perfect coif still in place by taking cover with All Caps.

More than a traditional shower cap, All Caps satisfies all of your beauty needs from bathing and hair mask treatments, to protecting against spray tans and preserving those costly salon blowouts. The soft, flexible cap easily adjusts to the size of your head and length of your hair for a more comfortable, customizable fit. An innovative fabric technology protects hair in the shower, at the spa and in bed. The reversible design keeps clothes, furniture, pillowcases and other surfaces mess-free while doing hair masks and other restorative treatments. Unlike your old school shower caps, All Caps is fungus-resistant and completely machine washable.
To Maintain Your Blowout:
· Place the cap on your head with the microfiber terry band and buttons centered on your forehead, then pull the back of the cap down toward the nape of the neck.
· Sweep and tuck hair into the cap.
· Adjust the sides of the back of the cap so that it fully covers the hairline.
· Pinch the side toggles and pull the elastic cords to secure a custom, comfortable fit.
· If desired, hook the top elastic loops onto the front button to lift the back of the cap off the neck. To pull the cap farther off the neck, wrap the loops around the buttons to create the desired cap length.
All Caps Shower, Sleep, Spa is: Hypoallergenic, Fungal-Resistant, Adjustable, Sustainable, Reversible for Masking, Machine Washable, Reusable Travel Case, Made in the USA.
AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel ($30.00 from AQUIS, AQUIS Official Amazon Store and Sephora): I have favored using hair towels and turbans, over regular bath towels, for many years, but AQUIS is definitely my very favorite brand for both. Their Lisse Luxe Hair Towel is extra large (19"x50"), ultra-luxurious, very plush, unbelievably soft, it is ultra-absorbent.

According to AQUIS,

Lisse Luxe may sound like the name of an ‘exotic’ artiste. But she’s the perfect towel for normal hair. Lisse Luxe also excels at curly hair, fine hair, damaged hair and any hair that needs gentle treatment. New generation Aquitex improves absorbency and comfort. Wraps and tucks easily leaving hands free while hair dries. Dries fast with less friction, to minimize frizz and damage.

AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Turban ($30.00 at AQUIS, AQUIS Official Amazon Store and Sephora): With all of the attributes of the Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, their hair turban has the added luxury of a button that securely fastens it in place.

According to AQUIS,

The all around gentleness of Lisse Luxe. With the convenience of an easy to fasten turban. Great for curly and delicate hair needing the gentlest treatment. New generation Aquitex improves absorbency and comfort. Wraps and fastens easily leaving hands free while hair dries. Dries fast with less friction, to minimize frizz and damage.
Overall Assessment: If you are looking for new hair styling tools, then these are picks worthy of your consideration. Even if you don't heat stay your hair, the All Caps shower cap and AQUIS hair towels and turbans are great to pamper your hair.

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  1. The 5-in-1 gadget is so handy for a variety of styles! I spotted a similar device on my air miles rewards - think I'll redeem my points for one.

    1. It really is, it is definitely the most versatile curling iron that I have seen!

  2. The Xtava 5-in-1 Wave Curler looks absolutely amazing with all of the different barrel attachments. Looks like so much fun to use!

  3. You've found something for everyone. Your list has several of my favorites - Love the Aquis and that flat iron

    1. Thanks, Marcia! That's precisely what I was hoping for! Yes, the AQUIS is one of my favorites as well. In fact, since I began using their tool and turban, I have basically forgotten about all of my other ones! The flat iron is definitely a good one, and I love their Argan Conditioning Treatment.

  4. I would love to try the brush straightener


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