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Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils

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Whether you are looking to create a complex sculptural winged eyeliner look, or the perfect classic cat eye, you can achieve a multitude of customized looks effortlessly and quickly with Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils. These stencils will allow you to create a gorgeous look for your New Year's Eve festivities, and it will look as though you spent hours in a makeup artist's chair– instead of a few minutes in front of your own mirror.
 According to Beth Bender Beauty,

Beth Bender Beauty is proud to announce the launch of Eye Candy, the first ever adhesive eyeliner stencil created by Beth Bender, renowned makeup artist and designer of the world’s first Eyeliner and Eye Makeup Stencil. Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils are made from a hypoallergenic, gentle material that is easy to apply and gentle to remove.

The beauty guru’s at Beth Bender Beauty created a similar look using the all new Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils.  These first of their kind stencils are hands-free, easy to use and work with any eye shape or eyelid.  The hypoallergenic material makes them a breeze to apply and gentle to remove.
  • Works with any eye shape or eyelid
  • Allows consumers to create unique eyeliner and eye makeup looks
  • Allows you to achieve symmetrical eyeliner looks with ease
  • Can be used with cream and powder formulas 
  • Can be applied over makeup
Each Eye Candy Stencil Sheet includes a left and right eyeliner stencil. Only apply the stencils to dry eyelids to avoid any irritation to the skin when you apply and remove them.

To use begin by tearing away the perforated piece located on your eyeliner stencil sheet. This will reveal both round edges on your left and right eyeliner stencils as seen in image 1 below.

Peel off one eyeliner stencil at the outer rounded edge. Once your stencil is removed from the sheet, carefully place the eyeliner stencil over your eyelid. Your can place your Eye Candy eyeliner stencil over your eyelid with your eye open or closed depending on your personal preference.
Place the top arm of your eyeliner stencil along the top of your eyelid and the bottom arm of your eyeliner stencil along your bottom lash line as seen in images 2 and 3. Both arms should lay flat against your eyelids, top and bottom.
Once you have one eyeliner stencil placed along your eyelid you can repeat the same steps above for the other eye. For a perfect application make sure there are no gaps or air bubbles before applying your color. For the best results both eyeliner stencils should be applied to both eyes first before adding any color. 

Begin applying your eye color. If you are using a powder eyeshadow to create your eyeliner look make sure to tap off any excess color from your brush to prevent fall out. Start at the tip of your winged point as seen in image 4 and work your way down towards the inner corner of eye. Fill in the entire area of your eyeliner stencil, especially when using a gel, pencil or a liquid liner. Once both Eye Candy eyeliner stencils have been filled in, you are ready to peel away your eyeliner stencils and show off your perfect eyeliner!

Beginning at the outer round corner of your eyeliner stencil as seen in image 5, carefully begin peeling away your stencil towards the inner part of your eye until it is completely removed from your eyelid.
Overall Assessment: Such a brilliant solution, and these stencils couldn't be easier to use!

Eye Candy Starter Pack: $9.99 Includes 14 sets (28 stencils total) from Beth Bender Beauty.
Eye Candy Pro Pack: $19.99 Includes 36 sets (72 stencils total) from Beth Bender Beauty.

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