Monday, October 31, 2016


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TATCHA is definitely one of my all-time favorite luxury skincare brands, and their gifts are extraordinarily elegant must-haves.  Spend $125.00+ and receive this gorgeous traditional Japanese lacquer box. Use Code: LACQUER16. Here is my TATCHA Gift Guide for the holidays. #Tatcha #GiftGuide
LIMITED EDITION 2016 Red Camellia Lip Balm (NEW. $38.00 from TATCHA): "Inspired by Red Camellia, a popular wintertime bloom in Japan, this deeply hydrating lip balm leaves lips soft and touchable with a subtle red sheen and hint of 23-karat gold. Rich in Camellia Oil, it protects lips with nourishing antioxidants and moisturizers. The limited edition design draws inspiration from a Camellia flower motif that adorns the temples of Kyoto. Ring in the holidays with this cheery red lip balm that will only be around a season."
KYOTO RED SILK LIPSTICK ($55.00 from TATCHA): "The geisha’s timeless vermillion lip remastered for the modern woman. Rooted in a shade that is one of the most distinctive, symbolic colors in Japan.  This feather-light formula combines brilliant pigments with pure silk and botanical extracts for a long-wearing matte finish that keeps lips hydrated. A universal shade that flatters all skin tones. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested."
LIMITED EDITION 2016 Ready For Glamour Set (NEW. $190 from TATCHA): "Create a perfect canvas for your glamorous look this holiday season. The Firming Eye Serum gives eyes a brightening boost while the set of Deep Hydration Masks gives you a lifted look. Our beloved Dewy Skin Mist works under and over makeup for a luminous complexion anytime, anywhere. Our Ready for Glamour Set is complete with a washi-wrapped mirror that can be set to stand or folded flat for easy travel."

This set includes:
- LUMINOUS Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum - 15 mL
- LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist - 40 ml
- LUMINOUS  Deep Hydration Lifting Masks (set of 4) - 20 mL
- Limited Edition Tatcha Fold-up Mirror
LIMITED EDITION 2016 Working Wonders Set (NEW. $98 from TATCHA): "A fresh, luminous complexion and silky smooth hands are always within reach with this trio of touch-up treasures. The Working Wonders Set includes our bestselling dewy skin mist to keep your glow going all day while our iconic beauty papers keep skin petal-fresh. The Indigo Hand Cream absorbs quickly and leaves hands feeling velvety soft. Keep these treasures in the washi-wrapped pen stand, perfect for your desk or vanity."

This set includes:
- INDIGO Soothing Silk Hand Cream - 60 mL
- LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist - 40 ml
- PETAL FRESH Aburatorigami Beauty Papers - 35 sheets
- Limited Edition Tatcha Pen Stand
LIMITED EDITION 2016 Indigo Lover Spa Set (NEW. $68 from TATCHA): "Bring home the Japanese spa experience with this Indigo Spa Lovers Set, complete with a traditional tenugui lightweight towel. Our limited-edition black sugar body scrub leaves skin nourished, silky soft, and rinses clean while the body butter bathes skin in soothing moisture. Our custom tenugui, adorned with the Tatcha monogram, works beautifully as a head wrap for pampering at home."

This set includes:
- INDIGO Smoothing Black Sugar Body Gommage - 50 mL
- INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter - 200 mL
- Limited Edition Tatcha Tenugui Towel
LIMITED EDITION 2016 Beauty Icon Vanity Set (EXCLUSIVE. $1700 from TATCHA): "Tatcha has brought back a traditional mirrored vanity or kyodai from Japan for your modern beauty ritual. Centuries ago, geisha and nobility used these small dressing tables to store valuables that were used in their beauty rituals."

"Handcrafted by a master artisan exclusively for Tatcha, our traditional vanity requires 20 different processes over the course of two months to create. A breathtaking beauty, it features a striking black lacquer with hand-laid 24-karat gold maki-e images and an adjustable mirror. It includes a beautifully curated array of Tatcha skincare and makeup treasures."

This set includes:
- PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil - 150 ml
- POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder - 60 g
- RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum - 50 ml
- SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream - 55 ml
- KYOTO RED Silk Lipstick - 3.7 g
- PLUM BLOSSOM 23-karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick - 3.7 g
- PETAL FRESH Original Beauty Papers - 1 pack | 30 sheets
KAISEKI COMPLETE TRAVEL‑SIZE KIRI COLLECTION ($375.00 from TATCHA): "Like a Japanese banquet comprised of exquisite bites, the Kaiseki Set offers the best of the TATCHA collection in miniature form. Kaiseki translates to a little bit of everything—the perfect indulgence or gift for a jetsetter."

What this set includes (all travel size):
- PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil - 25mL
- POLISHED Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder - 10g
- POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder - 10g
- POLISHED Deep Rice Enzyme Powder - 10g
- INDIGO Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder - 10g
- RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum - 10mL
- SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream - 10mL
- AGELESS Enriching Renewal Cream  -10mL
- AGELESS Revitalizing Eye Cream - 3mL
- LUMINOUS Deep Hydration Firming Serum  -10mL
- LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist - 12mL
- GOLD Camellia Beauty Oil - 10mL
- GOLD Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm - 8mL
- INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter - 30mL
- INDIGO Soothing Silk Hand Cream - 10mL
- INDIGO Soothing Triple Recovery Cream - 10mL
- SILKEN Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35- 10mL
- PETAL FRESH Clutch Ready Aburatorigami Beauty Papers - 35 sheets
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  1. I got an email that there is a limited supply of the rose colored lip balm back in stock.


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