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Moon Juice Beauty Dust | Review

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I am always very reluctant to try any sort of internal supplements, powders or elixirs because I have a sensitive stomach, and prefer not to tempt fate. Therefore, I was initially quite reluctant to try Moon Juice's Beauty Dust, but thankfully my concern proved to be unfounded because it didn't bother my stomach, and it did give me wonderfully glowing skin and shiny hair. That said, I am not a medical doctor, and cannot tell you if this would be a good fit for you. Therefore, if you wonder whether this or, any other, internal tonic is a good idea for you, then I would suggest consulting with your physician.

Moon Juice Beauty Dust, which was developed by Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, is described as, "a radiant edible formula alchemized to expand your beauty, luster and glow from within. Glowing supple skin, lustrous shiny hair and twinkling bright eyes are holistically bestowed from the inside out."
According to Moon Juice,

Moon Juice's all-natural 'Beauty Dust' is blended from alchemizing elements known for their youth-preserving and fortifying qualities. This medical-grade formula gently increases collagen and silica production - resulting in a more glowing complexion, glossier hair and brighter eyes. Try mixing yours with milk or tea.
Moon Juice Beauty Dust is an ancient empiric formula that calms the nerves, increases collagen and silica production and tones and firms tissue, while hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out.

Simply add Moon Juice Beauty Dust to nut milk, coffee, tea, hot or cold water or blend into your favorite smoothie.  I will say that it is an acquired taste, and while I find the taste pleasant it may take some getting used to for people who aren't accustomed to the taste woody, herbal foods or supplements. If you mix it into a smoothie the flavor is virtually undetectable, but if you add it into a glass of water you will definitely taste it.

Suggested Use: Add one teaspoon to 8 oz of any hot or cold liquid. Delicious with nut milk, water or tea, each container holds anywhere from 25-50 servings depending on taste and desired level of potency. Make Beauty Dust chocolate milk with 8 oz nut or seed milk, 1 tablespoon raw cacao, 1 teaspoon Beauty Dust, 1 teaspoon honey or stevia.

Ingredients: Pearl, Goji, Schizandra, Rehmannia and Organic Stevia. Vegan and gluten-free, low-glycemic index. Made in the USA
Overall Assessment: I do see a difference in the luminosity of my skin, and the level of shine in my hair. I definitely see why Moon Juice Beauty Dust has achieved cult-status here in Los Angeles.

$30.00 for 1.5 oz and $65.00 for 2.2 oz. from Moon Juice, Saks Fifth AvenueNet-A-Porter, Urban Outfitters, Shen Beauty and Free People (Affiliate Links).

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  1. ooo this looks lovely! it's great that you can see an actual difference too!
    Jen | Giveaway | Velvet Spring

    1. Hi Jen, It's nice that it actually made a visible difference! :-)


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