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bkr Glass Water Bottle | Review

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I love functional, attractive and eco-friendly water bottles, and always carry one with me when I am at work. You will never catch me walking into the lecture hall or seminar room without a bottle of water– since long hours of teaching requires frequent hydration.

My latest water bottle love is made by bkr, and its big white on white heart makes me smile each time I pull it out of my bag! I purchased the 16oz. version since I wanted something small and lighter weight, and I love that the glass bottle and removable silicone sleeve are dishwasher-safe and BPA and phthalate-free. It also has a very convenient loop handle on the top of the lid that makes it easy to carry with a single finger– making this a great water bottle for long walks and hikes.
According to bkr,

bkr keeps you hydrated and environmentally conscious with this clean, bubbly glass water bottle wrapped in soft, grippy silicone that comes in shades inspired by the runway. Cute and convenient to tote, it features a small opening for no-spill sipping, a no-leak seal and is sized to fit most cup holders. Free of phthalates and BPA, it's safe for you and the place you live, too.
7" height; 3" diameter.
BPA-free; phthalate-free.
Dishwasher safe.
About bkr,

Since 2011, bkr has been proving that beauty will change the world, with water bottles so beautiful that drinking from them becomes a joy. Founded by Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, bkr is the antidote to cheap, disposable plastic bottles, and the key to skin that glows from the inside. These notoriously addictive glass water bottles feature signature small mouths, and silicone sleeves inspired by everything from fashion and photography to contemporary culture and fine art. Each bkr breathes new life into the maxim of eight glasses a day, inspiring sippers to drink water like it’s a special treat — and vastly improving their complexions along the way. With a dedicated following among celebrities, beauty editors, insiders and the fashion industry, bkr is both a symbol of mindful chic and a cult favorite across the globe.
The smaller opening is about the size of a typical soda bottle.
Overall Assessment: I am absolutely smitten with this water bottle, and think I will probably purchase a second one for the times that this one is in the dishwasher. I highly recommend bkr water bottles, if you are looking to purchase a water bottle.

$28.00 for 8 oz., $35,00 for 16 oz. and $45.00 for 32 oz. from bkrNordstrom, Selfridges, Spirit Beauty Lounge, Spring, The Trend Boutique, AhaLife, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Cult Beauty (Affiliate Links).

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  1. How does this bottle compare to your S'well water bottle? Which do you prefer?

    1. I love them both, but the S'well bottle is thermally insulated and keeps beverages hot or cold for a remarkable length of time, and this does not. I have a large S'well bottle and use that when I want to carry a lot of water, and want it to stay very cold all day long. I use the bkr bottle when I only want to carry a smaller amount of water, and have access to easy refills. I also choose this when I don't care whether my water stays very, very cold. I also really like that the bkr is dishwasher safe, whereas the S'well bottle has to be hand washed. I am happy to have both, and both were very worthwhile purchases for me!

    2. Do you find yourself reaching for the bkr bottle more often?

    3. It's about 50/50 for me, but I will say that I suspect that I will be reaching for the bkr more this quarter because my lecture hall is closer to my department where I refill my water bottle. When I teach all the way on the other side of campus– then I definitely prefer the S'well bottle because of its larger size and the fact that it keeps my water super cold and my coffee super hot. The bkr bottle is also really convenient for walks and hikes because you can just use the loop handle with a single finger!


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