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YORZ Easy-To-Hang Personal Razor Grip | Review

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If you share a bathroom with other people, you know just how easily things can get mixed up, and people can accidentally end up using your personal grooming tools like razors, hairbrushes and toothbrushes. For sanitary reasons, those things are best left unshared, and thankfully the people at YORZ came up with a very pragmatic solution for color coding your razor to avoid inadvertently sharing it. YORZ Easy-To-Hang Personal Razor Grip fits over most multi-pack disposable razors, and they not only make it easy to distinguish your razor from the others in the bathroom, but they are also constructed of antimicrobial silicone with an easy grip design. 
According to YORZ,

YORZ razor grips are dermatologist approved! They prevent razor mix ups, which can spread bacteria and viruses. Plus, the antimicrobial silicone grip lets you hang your razors from your shower caddy or door, to keep them safe and dry.

YORZ* were designed for roommates, college students, families, and anyone who uses multipack disposable razors with a straight (versus curved) handle such as: Gillette Sensor 2® and Daisy®, plus store brands such as CVS Gentle Touch®, Rite Aid Renewal®, Walgreen Studio 35®, Target Up and Up®, Walmart Equate®, Safeway® Brand, Kroger® Brand, Personna® Brand and More! Pick your favorite color and make it YORZ! *YORZ is not affiliated with any of the above manufacturers or retailers.
  • Designed to help avoid razor mix-ups with roommates and family members.
  • Easy to hang on a shower caddy! Keeps your razor safe and dry!
  • Soft, comfortable grip improves control! Makes your disposable razor feel upscale!
  • Made of silicone containing antimicrobial protection. Dermatologist approved.
  • YORZ fit popular disposable razors --sold separately--such as Gillette Sensor 2® and Daisy®, and store brands sold by CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Safeway, Kroger and more!
Overall Assessment: A brilliant solution to an all too familiar problem. A+

$11.99 for a 3 Pack from the YORZ Amazon Store (Affiliate Links).
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  1. LOL, this isn't exactly what I tuned in today to see; but I'm hoping tomorrow is the big reveal or maybe reveals!

    1. LOL!!!! I know! I posted the preliminary announcement about the Space NK Beauty Edit this morning, and will post the BNY list either today or tomorrow morning. I am still waiting to here about several of the lines, and will be continually updating that one as I usually have to do.

  2. Great review! I've been loving my YORZ Razorwraps - pink is my fave!

    1. Thank, Jen! The pink one is my favorite as well! :-)


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