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Empties Post Volume XLII: March 2016

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My strategy of leaving mostly used up products in plain view proved, once again, to effectively encourage me to finish them up. Whether I make a discreet pile in the shower, or on the bathroom vanity– I am far more apt to use things that I see, and that can be easily gotten to. If you find yourself with lots of half-used products, then I definitely recommend trying this method.

Overall, I am pleased with the number of products that I finished up in March, and definitely have some true-loves to report about.

MANUKA SECRETS Exfoliant (Reviewed HERE): I love to exfoliate my skin on a regular basis, and there are always about 4-6 different varieties to choose from in my shower at any given moment.

This exfoliant is good for all types of skin, and it effectively and gently removes dead skin cells– leaving skin soft, velvety smooth and unbelievably hydrated. It contains two different sized exfoliant particles: bamboo plus jojoba pearl and white clay, and this combination eliminates dead skin cells gently, while the Shea Butter and Rice Bran and Coconut Oils leave skin hydrated. Furthermore, Cucumber Extract softens and soothes the skin. The end result is gorgeous glowing skin.

Beautisol Exscrub Me? (Reviewed HERE): This Citrus Face Exfoliant is densely packed with fine Jojoba beads that effortlessly remove dead skin cells with great speed and precision. They are expertly crafted and uniformly shaped without any jagged protruding edges that scratch and damage the skin. That said, trust me when I say that one only needs to use a very light hand because this scrub is more than capable of getting rid of every trace of dead skin cells with a very gentle touch. The citrus peel and extracts, which lend this jewel a scrumptious scent, perform miracles by leaving skin cleansed, clarified, glowing and utterly refreshed.

RADICAL Skincare Youth Infusion Serum (Review Forthcoming): This lightweight and hydrating serum lifts and plumps skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles very effectively. RADICAL utilizes cutting-edge proprietary technology and the highest quality ingredients in their ultra-luxe anti-aging skincare line that is gentle and highly effective.

Jan Marini Marini Holiday Exfoliator (Reviewed HERE) While Jan Marini is, no doubt, a skincare expert– that does not mean that her products have to be be run of the mill and predictable. No product makes this more clear than the Marini Holiday Exfoliator in Cranberry Orange. Not only does it smell like the holiday season in the most delectable sort of way, but it is also one of the most effective and gentle exfoliators that I have had the pleasure of using.

ARCONA Peptide Hydrating Complex (Review Forthcoming): This lotion is rich peptides, flavonoids and a myriad of nourishing ingredients to hydrate, smooth, lift and regenerate the skin. While it is a lightweight, it is a rich lotion that deeply hydrates dry and sensitive skin, but it also works spectacularly well for my normal/combination skin. I have already opened another bottle because I am so in love with this formula.

37 Extreme Actives High Performance Anti-Aging Cream is luxury anti-aging cream that delivers impressive moisture, and leaves skin ultra-hydrated and lifted. The sample was not large enough to really determine any sort of long-term benefits, but I really likes the way that it made my skin feel. I would definitely be interested in testing it further.
Trader Joe's Orange Blossom Hand Soap is one of my repeatedly purchased liquid hand soaps because it smells delicious and it thoroughly cleanses without drying out hands. I highly recommend trying it on your next trip to Trader Joe's.

Hemp Nation Infused with Exotic Kiwi Mango Fruit Blend Body Wash is a tropical scented body wash that hydrates skin, and never leaves is in the least bit stripped. I liked the scent a lot, and would definitely use this again.

Little Twig Baby Wash Calming Lavender (Reviewed HERE) is an all-natural blend of "soothing lavender, restorative chamomile and gentle bubbles" that provides aromatherapeutic benefits that are calming and relaxing, and that encourage a better night’s sleep for babies and adults. It is also wonderful when used as a shower gel, and I found that it even did an exemplary job as a shaving gel for my underarms and legs. It leaves skin soft, hydrated and smooth. The scent is not in the least bit pungent, but instead it is a mellow lavender that delights the senses.

Key West Aloe Aloethera Moisturizing Shampoo (Reviewed HEREIf you seek a shampoo that is gentle enough for everyday use, then Aloethera Moisturizing Shampoo is a great choice. The formula is gentle, non-stripping, and offers enough moisture without weighing hair down.

Key West Aloe Aloethera Keratin Conditioner (Reviewed HERE) If you need a conditioner that combats frizz, detangles, and moisturizes without weighing down your hair, then Key West Aloe Aloethera Keratin Conditioner is a definite must-try. It leaves my hair soft, silky and ultra manageable.

OGX Healing + Vitamin E Conditioner (Reviewed HERE) leaves my hair hydrated, manageable, detangled and frizz-free. I can even get a comb through my curly hair after using this conditioner!

Beauty and the Bees Tasmanian Real Beer Shampoo Bar (Reviewed HERE) is a beautiful handmade bar that is not only chemical free, but it is filled with richly conditioning plant and nut oils as well as hops and beer. It cleans hair thoroughly yet is so gentle and moisturizing that it never strips the hair.

Badger Argan, Jojoba & Baobab Botanical Hair Oil (Reviewed HERE) Badger, who is best known for their iconic balms, also make amazing hair oils, and their Argan, Jojoba & Baobab Botanical Hair Oil Daily Leave-In Conditioning is an unbelievably effective treat for dry and damaged hair. It has a delightful citrus scent that elevates the mood delights the senses, and is so pleasant to use that you might even be inclined to drench yourself in it!

Kiwi Glow Daily Skin Oil Moisturizers in Amaya (Reviewed HERE) is a delightful warm floral with flashes of lily of the valley. Kiwi Glow describes it as having "hints of dandelion and lily of the valley" and conjures images of "lovely subtle petals on your body." The light floral that only leaves behind the slightest traces of scent once it sinks in. It sinks in quickly and deeply nourishes skin leaving it soft, supple and luminous. I even use it as a hand moisturizer, and quickly chapping gives way to soft and smooth skin.

What did you use up, toss out, give away, or return in March? Were there any winners or losers that you want to talk about? Do Tell!

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  1. I really like the Manuka Secrets line of products, including the Exfoliant. I was surprised at how soft my skin felt afterwards.

    1. I really like them as well, and their scrub is definitely one of my favorites. I completely agree with you that it leaves the skin surprisingly soft!

  2. It must be hot there for you to take so many showers to use up all of those! I happened to be in TJ today and picked up the hand soap. Hope I love it!

    1. LOL! You would think so, but actually most of the things that were in the shower had been in there for quite a while. I just decided to start using up some of those mostly used up products to make room for other things! I can't wait to hear what you think about that hand soap. I absolutely LOVE that one!


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