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Dr. Canuso Daily Exfoliating Cleanser & Ultra Hydrating Foot Repair Serum Review | Perfect Picks for Sandal Season

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Now that sandal season is upon us, it's time to get those winter-worn feet in shape. I am always on the lookout for effective, high quality foot scrubs to remove callouses, and am quite pleased with my recent discovery of Dr. Canuso Daily Exfoliating Cleanser & Ultra Hydrating Foot Repair Serum. 

Dr. Canuso, who is a podiatrist, "originally developed her line of foot products to help her patients with their dry, cracked heels and fungal toenails. After witnessing their unbelievable transformations, she realized that she could help millions of people suffering from the same embarrassing and painful problems." The increased demand for her products eventually led her to entirely shift her focus to her skincare line.

According to Dr. Canuso,

Most of us have dry skin or even cracked heels on our feet, but did you know that the dry skin may actually be the beginning stages of a fungus?!...That little band of dry skin that looks better with a pedicure but then comes back after a few days could be the start of fungus.  That is why moisturizers and heel creams make it look better for a little while but it never really goes away.  Those types of products are only covering up the skin, they are not treating the cause of the problem. ...Fungus likes to live in dark wet places, so from now on, no sleeping with socks over lotion doused tootsies.  It is a haven for fungus to grow.  Instead, use an anti fungal serum like Dr. Canuso’s Foot Repair Serum to treat your feet while you sleep.  And it dries instantly so you don’t have to worry about your sheets-
Dr. Canuso Daily Exfoliating Cleanser ($29.95 from Dr. Canuso): This is an amazing daily exfoliator that is specifically formulated for daily use on feet. Dr. Canuso makes the very important point that one should clean the shower floor with bleach in order to kill fungus that gets transferred to our feet, and this often neglected step with go a long way to eradicating foot fungus that one often associates with the gym, and not the home. 

With daily use, I quickly noted that my winter-worn calloused feet became soft and callous-free. While I do not have signs of foot fungus, I definitely noted a vast improvement in the condition of my feet.

According to Dr. Canuso,

Cleanse, deodorize and exfoliate while adding a little luxury to your everyday routine. Organic beeswax microbeads remove impurities and odors while scrubbing away dry skin, leaving your feet feeling clean and silky smooth. Use daily in the shower.
Dr. Canuso Foot Repair Serum ($39.95 from Dr. Canuso): While I neither have dry, cracked heels, nor a foot fungus, I can say that this foot serum has made my feet very soft and smooth. It is lightweight, and very fast absorbing, and will not stain your sheets. 

According to Dr. Canuso,

Dry, Cracked Heels This patent pending product treats the cause of dry skin and cracked heels. See and feel results in as little as 2 days with this ultra light serum that dries instantly and leaves your feet as smooth as silk.
Overall Assessment: If you are looking to get your feet ready for their summer debut, then these products are well worth your consideration.

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