Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Beauty Spotlight Team Investigates How its Members Store Their Makeup and Skincare

Our latest series is one that we are excited about since storing makeup and skincare products is always a challenge for people who amass large collections, and that certainly describes all of The Beauty Spotlight Team Members! I suspect, however, that it also describes a lot of our wonderful readers– therefore we hope that you enjoy this new series. 

Justina from Justina's Gems is the first among us to share her method for paring down unused items, and then storing everything that she decided to keep.

According to Justina, "Beauty products are so fun to add to my collection but they can be so hard to organize! Join me on my blog today as I discuss how I store it all."
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  1. I'm interested in reading this series. I, too, have too much stuff though mostly skincare, not make up.

    1. Me too! I am glad that we are doing this series as well. I need to do some reorganization before I am up, though, because my stash seems to breed while I am sleeping!


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