Friday, October 16, 2015

Zeus, the Furniture Recycler

It's hardly fair to solely blame Zeus for the destruction of our couches, but he definitely had a paw in the game. This week I finally got fed up enough with the state of our couches, and I bought a new couch. My couches, also known as the cat scratching posts, were too damaged to donate– so instead I called the City of LA for a bulk pickup. I thought that witnessing cats scratching couches was the greatest act of aggression against furniture, but I stand corrected. I stood at my window and watched as the furniture was loaded into the garbage truck, which seemed more like a wood-chipper, and stood in awe as it crushed them! When I say crushed, this is no exaggeration– it was really crazy to see! If you have old destroyed furniture that is too far gone to donate, then it is worth contacting your city to see if they have a bulk pickup service available.

Needless to say, Zeus and friends are not being invited to take the new couch for a spin and will have to sharpen their claws elsewhere!

Have your dogs or cats destroyed any of your furniture? What solutions have you come up with?

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  1. We have the same problem! I have found Pet Organics No Scratch Spray to be a fairly effective deterrent - it didn't stop the problem completely but my cat, Brixton, does it infrequently rather than all the time if we use this regularly. It doesn't stain our pale grey couch and doesn't harm the cats. It contains mostly water with a little clove oil and Sodium Laurel Sulphate. We bought it in an independent pet store. (BTW our other cat sharpens her claws on the walls and pulls out the plaster!)

    1. Hi Emma! Isn't it awful when they destroy furniture?! I'm sorry to hear that you have the same issue! Thanks for the heads up about Pet Organics No Scratch Spray! I will definitely get some! My kitty Emma, who died a couple of years ago, used to scratch her claws on the walls as well! She would leave dry wall dust piled up on the floor next to the door! Subtle!

    2. It's annoying but I'd rather have cats and raggedy furniture than no cats and a perfect house, they add so much character

    3. Good luck with the couch and enjoy your weekend.

    4. I agree with you completely! I would rather have raggedy furniture and loving feline family members than pristine furniture and no kitties! Enjoy your weekend as well! :-)

  2. Awwww Zeus the destroyer, so cute! How are you my sweet one? How is life? Here things are once again pretty manic but I have faith that by the end of this year everything would be more stable and will have some good news to report!
    How is the rest of the cat crew? I'm glad you got a new couch. I need one myself, urgently.
    Sending much light your way,

    1. He really is! I am doing well. I hope that things calm down for you soon, and my fingers are crossed that you have good news to report soon!

      The rest of the feline crew is doing well, but we are still trying to get Milo's health issues addressed. We are bringing him to see a specialist today– so keep your fingers crossed that the gets better soon! I hope that you find a couch that you love soon!

      Much love to you! xoxoxox


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