Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16th is National #Ribboning Day

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July 16th is #Ribboning Day. Join Us For National #Ribboning Day!

Who? Inspired by cancer caregivers Jen and Britton, National #Ribboning Day is a day to honor all who have survived, those that were lost, and the caregivers who have been there every step of the way.

What? In order to honor those affected by cancer, Jen and Britton are #ribboning and asking people to donate to's Indiegogo campaign. #Ribboning is placing your arms in a circle above head to emulate a human cancer ribbon.

Why? Jen and Britton both lost their spouses to cancer. They met through the founder of, Marcia Donziger. Jen and Britton are getting married this summer. They've asked for #Ribboning pictures to be posted to social media as a way of showing support those fighting cancer today and their caregivers.

Respond: Email and we'll add you and your company logo to the press list when we go live.

When you think of cancer what do you think of? Breast cancer? Colon Cancer? Leukemia?

When we think of cancer we think of moms who bravely hold their families together while undergoing breast cancer treatment. We think of our friend's father who lost his battle to prostate cancer and loved his family to the very end.

For us, cancer is about the people and while cancer ribbons are a great reminder to bring awareness to the disease, #Ribboning is a reminder that it's about the people.

If you agree, join us by #Ribboning or donating to this Indiegogo campaign so can freely support the many people affected by cancer.

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