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Empties Post Volume XXXIV: June and July 2015

Press Samples, Purchased by Me and Free Samples (Affiliate Links)

I used up so few products in the month of June that I consolidated June and July into a single Empties post. Sometimes when I am testing lots of different products, I find it difficult to finish up much of anything. I thought that I would have finished up more than 5 full size products, but at least I managed to finish up a fair number of samples.

1) Caress Fine Fragrance Love Forever Body Wash (reviewed here): Caress makes such great body products, and I really like this body wash a lot! Lovely lather, great scent, and it leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Definitely worth trying!

2) Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave in Honey Mango is a staple in our household, and my husband and I both use it! I buy them 3-4 at a time. This a creamy dreamy moisturizing shave cream that leaves skin soft and supple, and it smells absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it, and it's also so affordable!

3) Kiss My Face Active Life in Cucumber Green Tea is another staple for me. I always have this on hand, and will continue to buy it over and over again. It is so gentle on sensitive skin, and it isn't filled with unhealthy chemicals.

4) The Honest Company Honest Bar Soap in Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar (reviewed here): This is such a lovely moisturizing soap that leaves skin so soft. I have always been very impressed by the products from The Honest Company, and will definitely buy more of their Cleansing Bars in the future.

5) Shannon's Soaps Shaving Soap in Bergamot Mint (reviewed here): I absolutely love Shannon's Soaps– everything that they make is so wonderful. Their handcrafted soaps are so fantastic, and they work well for shaving as well. That said, their Shaving Soap is one of the best shaving products that I have ever used. The creamy lather is so moisturizing and emollient, and lends itself to the perfect close shave. It's great for men, but I use it on my legs and underarms and just love it!
6) Miller Harris Citron Citron Shower Gel: This was a lovely smelling citrus scented shower gel that  did a great job cleaning my skin and leaving it soft.

7) The Honest Company Honest Hand Soap in Lavender (reviewed here): This smelled and felt so  good against the skin that I need to buy a full size bottle!

8) Essenza Luxury Hand Soap in French Lavender (featured here): This is an absolutely delectable smelling lavender hand soap. I used it down to the last drop, and thoroughly enjoyed every last bit!

9) L'Occitane Lait Corporel Body Lotion: I love L'Occitane lotions, and was happy with this little sample bottle. I'm not sure if this particular lotion is still being offered, but they have so many other fantastic lotions to choose from.

10) Herbal Essences Body Wash in Body Burst (featured here): The invigorating citrus scent was super refreshing for early morning showers. I'm not sure if I will purchase a full size bottle, but I did like the sample.

11) Moroccanoil Body Buff is a deliciously orange scented scrub that looks and feels a bit like orange marmalade! It leaves skin soft, beautifully exfoliated, and hydrated!

12) RADICAL Skincare Youth Infusion Serum is a light weight hydrating serum that lifts and plumps skin, and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I want a full size bottle!

13) Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate: I really like the way this made my skin feel, but the sample wasn't large enough for me to see any real effects, or to form a meaningful opinion.

14) TATCHA Radiant Deep Brightening Serum is a beautiful deeply moisturizing serum that leaves skin with an amazing luminosity and radiance. It makes skin look and feel amazing! I love to use it in conjunction with TATCHA Gold Camellia Beauty Oil (reviewed here).

15) Assorted sample packets and unmarked sample bottles: I actually find sample packets fairly useless because there is never enough product to be able to see whether it will work well for your skin. I often take them when I travel, but since they can't be resealed they are often more trouble than they are worth. I wish manufacturers would abandon these in favor of little tubes with lids.

What did you finish up, give away, throw out or return in June and July?

Press Samples, Purchased by Me and Free Samples (Affiliate Links)
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  1. hi. happy summer. try mixing the midnight recovery with the vitamin c. i always wake up a whole new me!

    1. Hi!!!!! Happy summer to you too! What a great idea! Thank you for the brilliant suggestion!

  2. Hey Helen

    So I got my May lindstrom products and one day my skin was glowing the next day. To soon to tell but my skin felt amazing and I can't wait to see the results with continued use. I got the honey mud which is a mask and cleanser and it's awesome. I also got the jasmine garden mist and youth few serum both divine. I got the problem solver which I haven't used yet and generous samples of the blue cocoon and the clean dirt. You need a bowl for the powder products because In my hand it went everywhere. Also got the tatcha brightening serum today so excited to try already love the dewy one. And you'll believe this i love my tatcha oil so much I already ordered the full size it's that amazing I almost feel like it's better than the Sisley but time will tell if it is it will save me from repurchasing but I won't make that conclusion just yet. Can't wait for my drunk elephant serums to come. I finished a small size Colleen Rothschild balm it was nice but I love the organic pharmacy carrot butter better. Hope your feeling better

    1. Hi Melissa! Oh this is so exciting! It sounds like you really selected some major winners! I can't wait to see what you think after you have used everything a little longer! Everything that you describe sounds AMAZING! The TATCHA Brightening Serum is just incredible, and I am so glad that you have it in your collection. I am not even a little bit surprised that you already ordered the full size bottle of the TATCHA GOLD Camellia Oil– it's such a beautiful and amazing oil. I slow down and really enjoy the process of using it so much! Honestly I can't really pick between this and the Sisley Oil. I really and truly love them both so much, and they have different characters. I am so excited to hear your thoughts on the Drunk Elephant serums that you purchased! I haven't tried the Colleen Rothchild Balm, but it's good to know that you prefer The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter. I really need to finish up my review of that! I'm getting much better, thanks! Nothing worse than a nasty summer cold. I want to play with skincare and makeup, but just don't want to put my germ fingers into anything! <3

  3. I've been keeping track of my empties. I've finished up a few samples (perfume) too.

    -Escents Aromatherapy shampoo with a custom blend
    -Biotherm toner (didn't write down the exact name but it was a huge bottle)
    -Biotherm Biocils eye makeup remover
    -Suny Island Blu Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm
    -Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab The Triumph of Death perfume vial
    -Suny Island Blu Butt Naked soap sample
    -mark Naked Love shower gel
    -Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Batty perfume vial
    -Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab #20 Love Oil perfume vial
    -Bath & Body Works Coconut Water Chill body lotion
    -Shu Uemura Red Juvenus Roll-Away Instant Eye Fatigue Corrector

    1. Excellent job, Iris! You always do such a great job finishing things up each month!


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