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Spa Sonic Pro Skincare System | Review

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New From Spa Sonic
Spa Sonic introduces the Spa Sonic Pro

The Spa Sonic Pro Skin Care System Professional Face and Body Polisher is a 2 speed waterproof device which is ideal for use in the shower, bath and sink.  It operates with 5 attachments: large brush for the body, small brush for the face, pumice for rough areas, facial sponge and pore minimizing silicone brush.  It also includes a luxurious and convenient storage/travel tote.
Set Includes:
  • 1 Body polishing unit
  • 1 Small facial brush
  • 1 Large body brush
  • 1 Pore Minimizer
  • 1 Facial buffer
  • 1 Pumice stone
  • 1 Battery four pack

The Spa Sonic Pro was created to be safe and effective for all skin types, and is recommended by dermatologists. It exfoliates dead skin cells, and thoroughly cleanses by removing dirt, oil and makeup.  As a result of removing dead skin cells, skincare products are able to absorb more rapidly and effectively. Furthermore, less product is needed when its absorption is unobstructed. Skin is left soft and smooth, and more radiant.
While the Spa Sonic is often compared with the Clarisonic, there is one major difference that should be noted: the Clarisonic utilizes sonic vibration with a non-rotating brush head, while the Spa Sonic has a rotating brush head. The Spa Sonic also has many more options than the standard Clarisonic because their device is a face and body system, and it  even includes a pumice stone for your feet!
I really appreciate the flexibility of the Spa Sonic, and like the variety of attachments for the face and body. 

The small face brush has very soft bristles that are very gentle on the skin. The small brush head offers added control allowing effective cleaning of the smaller areas of the face around the nose and between the eyebrows with far greater ease. The brush rotation speeds are not too fast, and neither setting requires pressure to get a good thorough cleaning. I would definitely urge against pressing it into the skin because it isn't necessary, and it can do more harm than good. The end result is lusciously soft clean skin.

I have not yet tried the Facial Buffer attachment, or the Pore Minimizer attachments but they are next on my list!

The large brush is such a treat to use! I added my bath gel to the brush head and used my finger to activate the lather, and then let the Spa Sonic Pro do the rest. The end result was ultra soft skin thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated skin.  It removed lots of dead skin, and my body oil and lotion were able to sink in much quicker as a result!

The pumice stone attachment is so amazing and effective that I am a bit obsessed with it!! I made sure to wet the pumice stone and applied a bit of bath gel to my feet to give a bit of added slip, and it did a miraculous job exfoliating the dead skin from my feet. I would definitely caution against using this on dry feet because warm wet feet are softer and lend themselves to much easier exfoliation. 
Overall assessment: The Spa Sonic Pro is an effective skincare system that is affordably priced. Their current holiday promotional pricing makes purchasing it even more affordable to indulge is the at-home spa experience.

Spa Sonic Pro exclusively at Walgreens and

Spa Sonic is hosting the following deals through the holiday season:

As of December 23, it is on sale at for $41.99 (Affiliate Links).

Spa Sonic Pro Sales at Walgreens &
Nov 1st  – Dec 30th: $39.99 (Reg $74.99)
Dec 7th  – Dec 31st  $49.99 (Reg $74.99)

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