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MDSUN Intensive Eye Gel | Review

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Longtime readers are well aware of my obsession with great eye creams, and my difficulty in finding great eye products that don't give me milia. What I seldom seek out is a great eye gel that targets dark circles, that hydrated, and that is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants, but a really exceptional one found me! MDSUN Intensive Eye Gel is one of the few eye gels that has really and truly wowed me in the last few years because it is lightweight, fast absorbing, highly effective, and it is not filled with silicones. Additionally, it not only makes my skin look amazing, and has never given me any milia.

According to MDSUN,

MDSUN Intensive Eye Gel is an anti-aging and hydrating treatment that combines the most effective antioxidants, vitamins, and powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce and diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles while improving firmness and reducing puffiness around eyes.
  • Dark Eye Circles – high concentrations of Vitamin K work decrease the venous condition that causes dark eye circles.
  • Pigmentation – ascorbic acid works to reduce melanin pigmentation.
  • Static Wrinkles/Movement Wrinkles – oat extracts for hydration and arginine for improving wrinkles.
  • Puffiness – anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce swelling and soothe skin.
  • Lightweight, fast absorbing texture is perfect for oily/combination skin.
Application: Use twice daily, morning and evening. After cleansing, toning, apply a small amount to clean finger tips and gently massage on to the skin around the eye area.
My experience: MDSUN Intensive Eye Gel has a featherweight texture that sinks in immediately and leaves behind no slick residue. It brightens, lifts, nourishes, moisturizes, diminishes the appearance of dark circles, reduces puffiness and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Furthermore, my skin is left silky smooth and supple, and it is the perfect base for concealer. It is gentle and non-irritating– which is imperative for my sensitive eyes. I actually don't need to use an eye cream because this eye gel offers my skin ample moisture. That said, my under eye area is not dry– so your needs may vary.

While I don't generally spend much time talking about packaging, I would be remiss if I did not say that I really love the hygienic pump packaging that dispenses the perfect amount of product. The only thing that I wish that it had was a clear viewing window so that I could see how much product I had left.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin K1, Chicory Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 , Ubiquinone CoQ10, Ascorbic Acid, A-Tocopherol.

Overall Assessment: A wonderful eye gel that does precisely what it claims to do. I love the texture and the efficacy, and it has quickly become the perfect eye gel for my milia prone eyes. A+

$105.00 for 0.5 oz. from MD Sun (Unaffiliated Links).
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