Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team Sneaks into Casa Perilously Pale to Drool Over Christa's Eyeshadow Collection

Christa from Perilously Pale is a bit of an eyeshadow addict. She love's the variety of shades and finishes available and the endless creativity you can express through eye makeup. She finds herself wanting every variation of her favorite shades and is excited to share with us her Khaki Eyeshadow Collection complete with swatches of all the shades.


  1. Good morning,
    I seldom wear eye shadow because the powder goes in my eyes and irritates me (I wear contact lense). I was wondering if you can recommend something for sensitive eyes. I want to buy cream eye shadows, maybe tgat would help. Thank you.

    1. Good morning! :-) While I don't wear contact lenses, I do have sensitive eyes. It sounds as though you may have used powder eyeshadows that have lots of fall out that gets into your eyes. You can either dry applying shadows with a slightly dampened brush (provided that the eyeshadow formula can be used wet and dry) because this method tends to alleviate the fall-out problem and it punches up the pigmentation and color. Or you could go the easier and more fuss-free route of using cream eye shadows. There are so many wonderful cream shadows on the market from Maybelline at the drugstore level to just about every mid range to luxury brand at department stores. MAC Paint Pots are super popular and easy to find, but Chanel. Dior, Tom Ford, Shiseido, Lancome, Benefit and MAKE UP FOR EVER are a few lines who have lots of Cream Shadow choices. It's definitely worth going to your local department store or Sephora to take a look at some of the choices. However, if you would prefer to pay less then a trip to your local drugstore should also provide you with some good options! I hope that this helps!

    2. Thank you very much, I will take a look at cream shadows. You are right, the powder that falls off goes into my eyes and hurts me.

    3. Absolutely my pleasure! Sensitive eyes have to be treated with such care! I am always very careful with what I use. It's just not worth irritating them-- especially when the results can be painful! Keep me posted on what you end up getting! :-)


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